Love It or Hate It, These Goop Beauty Products Are Actually Really Great

Chances are, you’ve heard of Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial lifestyle brandGoop. In fact, it’s become quite difficult to scroll through social media without coming across a story about the brand’s quirky approach to wellness. For those who aren’t familiar, Goop is essentially a lifestyle brand founded by the actress that embraces a non-conventional approach to health and wellness. From selling risqué candles (you know the one I’m talking about) to preaching a strong nontoxic beauty message, Goop’s ethos is frequently scrutinised and picked apart on social media and in the press.

I’m also on the fence about where I stand. There’s no doubt that some of the messaging can be a little off. In fact, regulators have had to put their foot down on a few occasions as a result of misleading claims (Goop was actually fined for making unjust claims about the benefits of vaginal eggs), and at the time, I was also quite mad about it. As a beauty editor, I found myself riled over Goop’s negative stance on toxicity levels of suncream and its anti-SPF messaging. I remained that way for a while, not wanting to try any product that the brand put out, no matter how much everyone raved about them. But then, a close friend advised that I try some of Goop's famous bath salts, and I caved.

They were good. Like, seriously good. I started questioning whether or not it was okay for me to love the products and disagree with the brand’s overall message. As I found myself growing more and more fond of the products, I considered the idea that maybe I’d got the wrong end of the stick. Then, just a few weeks ago, Netflix dropped the series The Goop Lab, a docuseries that follows the staff at Goop (including Gwyneth herself) and delves into the world of alternative wellness treatments, and I found myself hooked.

Maybe Goop wasn’t the demonising lifestyle brand I had originally thought it to be. Throughout the series, I felt as though it offered a non-biased, open insight into an array of beauty and wellness treatments that I might not have previously considered. That’s not to say that I don’t still feel as though many of the methods that Goop promote lack sound scientific backing, but it would seem I’m not alone, with almost everyone that’s watched the series wanting to share some sort of opinion.

Truthfully, though, when it comes to the brand’s beauty products, I genuinely struggle to fault them. Wherever you stand on the matter (from bath soaks to scrubs), some of my favourite beauty products come courtesy of Goop. Here’s my edit of the best…

I’m at my happiest when I’m soaking in a bath infused with these delicious salts. Besides the fact they genuinely do seem to help in releasing both physical and emotional tension, they smell so good that I often have to stop myself from pouring in the whole bag.

I get it—body scrubs are hard work. They’re messy, time-consuming and more often than not, they appear to do very little. However, unlike other scrubs that remain untouched somewhere at the back of your bathroom cabinet, I guarantee that you’ll find yourself reaching for this pot of magic every couple of days. It smells amazing, sure, but it’s the way that it leaves skin silky smooth and nourished that makes me obsessed with the stuff.

Okay, so the price tag on this one is a little steep, and I do question whether or not I’d continue to pay £112 every time it runs out. With that being said, it’s still a truly brilliant exfoliating treatment. It is jam-packed with a whole host of powerful acids that work to slough away dead skin to leave your complexion clear and glowing. Sensitive skin sufferers, beware, though: This little pot is a whole lot more powerful than your average exfoliating treatment.  

There is little I love more than a really great scalp scrub. If you suffer from scalp irritation or flakiness, this scrub-like shampoo will work to soothe and exfoliate for your squeakiest clean yet. It might seem a little odd at first, but once you see how shiny and cleansed it leaves your hair, you’ll never look back.

If you love a cleansing balm, here’s one to add to your radar. It’s calming and sumptuous and all-around wonderful. Massage into dry skin and let it melt away makeup, dirt and your every care. It really feels like you’re treating your skin to an at-home spa experience every time you crack it open.

Not everyone can be a morning person, but with a little bit of help from this zingy, invigorating body wash, waking up early is a whole lot easier. It’s spicy and zesty all at once and is the perfect way to kick start the senses first thing in the AM.

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