The 7 Products Celebs Always Use for Glowy Skin

I'd genuinely hate to think how much time I spend each day scrolling through Instagram and bookmarking cool beauty looks and product recs for research. Let's just say when the Screen Time functionality was introduced on the iPhone, I couldn't have hit that "off" button fast enough. After all, as much as keeping on top of trending beauty is part of my job, I spend a not-insignificant chunk of personal time online indulging my love for beauty.

However, thanks to my professional levels of scrolling, there's one thing that I noticed cropping up time and time again—that A-list glow that every single celebrity seems to have. Maybe being famous instantly provides you with some kind of inner radiance that just isn't achievable for us normal people? Or while money can't buy happiness, perhaps it can buy you seriously luminous cheekbones?

Best Glowing Skin Products: Jodie Comer with glowy skin



It was time that I put my detective hat on and got to the bottom of this. Thankfully, it turns out that there are a few products that the glowiest of celebrities always swear by. Keep scrolling to shop the seven beauty picks celebs always use for glowy skin—and now you can too.

Lupita Nyong'o
Best glowing skin products: Lupita Nyong'o wearing Lancome



Makeup artist Nick Barose took to Instagram to reveal the secret behind Lupita's ultra-glamorous Oscars beauty look. To enhance Lupita's fresh-faced skin, he dabbed a liquid highlighter onto the apples of her cheeks using a damp makeup sponge. The product in question on this night was Lancôme's custom drops.

How to use it: Just like Lupita, you can apply this directly on top of makeup (using a damp makeup sponge or your fingers) to add intense shine to your cheekbones. Or if you prefer a more natural look, mix a few drops with your foundation and apply all over for a subtler, dewy glow.

Holly Willoughby
Best glowing skin products: Holly Willoughby wearing Hourglass



If you've ever wanted to know why Holly Willoughby's skin looks so amazing, then follow her makeup artist Patsy O'Neill. Her Instagram contains tons of Holly's best beauty looks with a full breakdown of the products that she used to create them—genius. O'Neill regularly reaches for Hourglass products when doing Holly's makeup, and this cream palette is one of her favourites.

How to use it: For this look, O'Neill used the blush (middle shade) and highlighter (last shade) on Holly. The cream-to-satin texture means that they work well when applied with fingers for a natural, glowy finish. Smile, then pat the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending out the edges with a clean finger. For the highlight, pat it along your cheekbones, beneath the brow bones and onto your Cupid's bow for allover radiance.

Emma Roberts
Best glowing skin products: Emma Roberts wearing Charlotte Tilbury



I can safely assume that a lot of Emma Roberts's Hollywood glow is down to the work of Charlotte Tilbury's easy highlighter. After all, Tilbury used it on Emma's cheekbones at the Oscars this year for a high-shine glow. In fact, Tilbury even goes as far as to say that the product is "like a Hollywood diva light on the complexion."

How to use it: The great thing about this product is that it comes with a built-in sponge applicator. Gently give the tube a squeeze for the rose-gold pigment to start coming through, and then use a sweeping motion to apply over your cheekbones. Use a brush or your fingers to blend out the edges if you want more of a diffused glow.

Best Glowing Skin Products: Beyonce wearing Marc Jacobs Beauty



When Beyoncé took to the cover of Vogue for the September issue last year, beauty lovers rejoiced when her makeup artist Sir John revealed the products that he swore by for creating that golden glow—including this gel highlighter from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

How to use it: For a double-dose of glow, Sir John first applied the highlighter to the high points of Bey's face—on top of cheekbones and down the noise. Then, he mixed it in with her foundation and applied it all over. "Dew Drops are worth their weight in gold," he said. "It’s the one thing I have in my bag everywhere. I use it for concerts, for shoots, for tours… I use it religiously."

Jodie Comer
Best Glowing Skin Products: Jodie Come wearing Chanel



Makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan is the woman behind some of the most creative beauty looks Jodie Comer has been stepping out in this year. For this up-close and seriously glowy shot, Deenihan used Chanel balm highlighter sticks all over Jodie's skin for "a wet glisten without heavy sparkle or glitter flecks."

How to use it: The handy stick formula means you can just twist this balm up and glide it onto your skin wherever you want to add some dewiness. However, if I already have foundation on, I find that this motion can disrupt the makeup underneath, so I prefer to scribble it onto my fingertips then press the product into my skin.

Nathalie Emmanuel
Best Glowing Skin Products: Nathalie Emmanuel wearing Urban Decay



Also the makeup artist behind Nathalie Emmanuel's fiery Game of Thrones premiere beauty look, makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan spilt the beans on the products she used to create this gorgeously glow skin look for Nathalie. The secret to those luminous cheekbones? An Urban Decay highlighter palette from the Game of Thrones collection.

How to use it: If you have a deeper skin tone like Nathalie, make like Deenihan and buff the warm Rhaegal shade over the cheeks using a fluffy brush for a natural glow. Medium skin tones could use Viserion for a similarly sun-kissed effect.

Margot Robbie
Best glowing skin products: Margot Robbie wearing Rodial



Margot Robbie's go-to makeup artist, Pati Dubroff, definitely knows a thing or two about creating dewy, fresh-faced skin. She has previously revealed that she relies on this extensive powder palette from Rodial when creating Margot's subtly glowing skin looks.

How to use it: The great thing about this palette is that it contains everything you need to create a full makeup look once you've applied your base. Dubroff uses the paler shades to create a cool highlight and the pink-toned powders to add a luminous flush to the apples of your cheeks. These powders work best when applied with a tapered makeup brush for precise application. Apply with a light hand, and build it up.