I've Tried Basically Every Glossier Product—This Is What I Really Think

If there’s one beauty brand that gets our heart beating like no other, it has to be Glossier. Uniting product lovers, fashion girls and beauty editors alike with its charm, Glossier was an instant hit with the Instagram generation when it launched back in 2014. (Remember back when the beauty hashtag was a landscape of HD brows and contour?) In fact, I can guarantee that you’ll spot at least one of the best Glossier products in the makeup bag of every cool girl you know.

Glossier products are beloved by editors and influencers alike. 

Of course, much of the brand’s success is down to its digital-first approach to both product development and brand marketing. Glossier has been able to harness the online community that she'd created via Into the Gloss and Glossier's own Instagram page to encourage communication with customers and garner genuine feedback on everything from packaging to product type. In fact, one of Glossier's first cult products—its Milky Jelly Cleanser (£16)—is the result of a post on Into the Gloss in which Glossier directly asked readers what their dream face wash would be like.

This unique relationship between customer and brand has been a major disruption to the beauty industry as we know it, and consumers are now beginning to expect this level of transparency from brands across the board. However, there’s no denying that the brand’s aesthetic is also integral to its appeal: Dewy skin, pale-pink packaging and free stickers with every order have an undeniable allure. 

Best Glossier Products: Glossier London pop-up



The Glossier line-up continues to be seriously impressive. 

So when Glossier finally launched in the UK back in October 2017, I was ready and waiting to log on and check out with a basket full of Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Haloscope and all the other cult products I'd been pining for on the other side of the Atlantic for the previous three years. But was it worth the wait? In a word: absolutely.

Almost five years later, I can honestly say that there is now a huge number of Glossier products with a permanent home in my beauty stash. With the number of products that I rotate in and out of my routine on a monthly basis due to my job, that's high praise indeed. Of course, having tried basically every product that the brand makes, there are also some things that just haven't worked for me along the way. But if you're thinking about shopping for Glossier and aren't sure where to start, here's my full breakdown of the brand's biggest hits and what I genuinely think.

Best Glossier Products: Glossier Ultralip



Ahead, keep scrolling to find out more and shop my favourites.

1. Skincare

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

It was love at first wash for me and this creamy gel cleanser. Thanks to its gentle consistency—no prizes for guessing it's kind of milky and kind of jelly-like in texture—I use it most evenings as my first cleanse. Applied to dry skin, it does a great job at dislodging makeup and grime without leaving your skin feeling stripped thanks to its pH-balanced formula. If you're looking for a basic cleanser that gets the job done, then I think this is a great, affordable option. I then follow with a second cleanser to target my specific complexion needs that day. Honestly though, if you're only going to buy one skincare product from Glossier, make it this.

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

When I heard that Glossier were launching a second cleanser I was a little dubious—after all, you've just read my glowing review of their original cleanser. How could they top that? I was wrong. In terms of texture and results it's a totally different ball game from Milky Jelly: Cleanser Concentrate is frothy, oil-like texture enriched with gentle exfoliators. For me this is the ultimate second cleanse once my makeup has been removed as it's much more active on the skin—gently working away dead skin cells, refining pores and smoothing texture. It leaves my skin looking brighter and feeling soft and it's now a firm favourite in my regular skincare rotation. 

Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol

Retinol is one of those skincare ingredients that can feel a little scary if you're not sure where to start with it, but experts are unanimous in their adoration for this hardworking ingredient that targets everything from fine lines to uneven skin texture. Luckily, Glossier's 2021 launch aims to demystify retinol and make it accessible for pretty much everyone. Formulated with 0.5% pro-retinol, it's the perfect starting point if you're new to retinol or have particularly sensitive skin. After just a few weeks of regular use, I found that my skin felt smoother, my pores appeared smaller and acne scarring was less visible. Plus, I didn't experience any redness, dryness or irritation. It's a winner in my book.

Glossier Milky Oil

Milky Oil is coined as the ultimate waterproof makeup remover by the brand. First thing to note: The bottle is small. Just 100 ml of product for £12, which might be something to consider if you use a dedicated makeup remover every day. For me, however, Milky Jelly Cleanser does a solid job at removing my makeup most days, so I tend only to reach for this when I'm wearing heavier eye makeup. Despite being named an oil, once you've given the bottle a good shake, it turns into a soft liquid that makes light work of lifting off makeup without leaving greasy residue behind.

Glossier Solution

This chemical exfoliator launched to much fanfare back in January 2018, and I hit "add to cart" after immediately becoming enthralled by all of the magic before-and-after images of real skin. Sadly, my skin did not get on with this product. A 10% blend of alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, and poly-hydroxy acid, it promises to remove dead skin cells and reveal the healthy skin beneath, reducing redness, pore size, and blemishes as it goes.

My skin normally responds really well to acids, so I'm not sure why it reacted badly to this product. After a few days of use, I noticed a crop of red under-the-skin bumps appearing. I persisted, cutting down to using it just three times a week, but after almost a month of use, I decided to remove it from my skincare routine due to the rash-like blemishes that continued to appear. Although it didn't work for me, there are a whole host of glowing reviews online and supporting images from fans of this product. It just wasn't a skincare match for Solution and me.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

If I'm being totally honest, I'm on the fence about this product. The pros: I love the packaging (it's fab for travel), the lightweight texture means it genuinely works as a primer for makeup, and it does a solid job of blurring over the large pores around my nose. The cons: Although you can build it up, I really don't find this hydrating enough for a daily moisturiser, and my skin definitely isn't on the dry end of the spectrum. I'd potentially use this as a daily moisturiser-primer hybrid during the summer months when my skin tends to be oilier and I need less hydration. But on a normal day, I'd apply my usual moisturiser and then layer this over the top for its makeup-priming benefits.

Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich

This moisturiser, on the other hand, I can't get enough of. Firstly, it smells like an absolute lavender dream. Secondly, it boasts a really creamy consistency—hence its name—and is brimming with ceramides and fatty acids to really lock in moisture. If you're like me and have a combination-oily skin type and are dubious about rich formulations, then I'd really recommend that you give this a go. For me, this makes equally as good a night cream as it does a day cream. Just a small amount leaves my skin looking smooth and dewy. Trust me—I love it so much it was the moisturiser I used to prep my skin on the morning of my wedding.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

Take a peek inside any of my handbags and you'll likely stumble across a tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom. Available in nine incarnations—including the original unscented version and the mango-scented version—I can't get enough of them. A blend of natural emollients like cupuaçu fruit extract, beeswax, and castor seed oil, they have a thick texture that locks in moisture on dry lips and soothes irritation. My personal favourites? Birthday (a vanilla-scented clear balm with flecks of '90s-inspired iridescent shimmer), Rose (a lightly floral scent with a subtle pink tint), and Coconut (for holiday vibes in a tube). Glossier's latest Lavender balm has a herbaceous scent with a subtle lilac hue.

Glossier Invisible Shield

There are two sunscreens I swear by for everyday use, and this is one of them. Ideal for all skin tones, it's a clear gel formula that sinks immediately into the skin and doesn't leave even a hint of white residue behind. Perfect for everyday wear, it has SPF 30 to protect against UVA and UVB rays but also contains an antioxidant complex to help neutralise free radicals and minimise the effects of pollution on your skin. If you don't already use sun protection daily, this is a great place to start. I apply it as the last step in my morning skincare routine and can happily go about my day knowing my skin is protected. Plus, the lightweight texture means my makeup products apply smoothly on top.

Glossier Super Pure

Glossier makes three skin serums, and this one is my personal pick of the bunch. Niacinamide (aka vitamin B3) is a powerhouse at treating spot-prone skin and is the star ingredient of Super Pure. As an anti-inflammatory, it does an amazing job at soothing the redness and irritation that often come hand in hand with a breakout. If, like me, you're particularly spot prone, this works well as a daily serum to keep your skin calm. If you only deal with the occasional blemish, I'd suggest using this as a more targeted treatment, as it's pretty potent and could dry out sensitive complexions.

Glossier Super Glow

Not only is vitamin C an amazing ingredient to reach for when your skin's looking particularly tired, but it also works wonders at reducing dark spots and pigmentation. I use a vitamin C serum most mornings, and this is one of my most reached for. In terms of immediate effects, it instantly brightens and wakes up my skin. Trust me—this is a must if you're on a hen weekend. More long-term, though, I've noticed it's really helped lighten the dark areas of pigmentation left on my skin from acne scarring. Although I wouldn't claim it's a miracle cure—and Glossier certainly doesn't suggest this—I've noticed my skin looking smoother and more even.

Glossier Super Bounce

Of all the serums, this is the one I gravitate to the least, and that's really down to my personal skin needs. This is a hyaluronic acid–based formula that boosts elasticity, plumps skin, and deeply moisturises. While I do love a good dose of hyaluronic acid during a Sunday-night pamper session, Super Bounce just doesn't combat any of my everyday skin concerns. It does an alright job at adding a little extra hydration to my skin on days when I do need it, but personally, there are other moisture-boosting serums I'd reach for over this one when I want a hit of hydration.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

I really wanted to love this product—there's something about the packaging that brings me beauty joy. Luckily, it doesn't just look cute; it actually works. With a combination of white kaolin clay to draw out oil, leafy greens to protect the skin, and avocado oil to nourish, it's a detoxifying mask that gently clarifies and mattifies skin. It takes 20 minutes to work, so this is definitely a Sunday-night mask for me. I slather a generous layer onto clean, damp skin and then leave it to dry. It feels satisfyingly old school (I love a classic clay mask), and when I remove it with a damp cloth, my skin looks brighter and clearer without feeling stripped.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

There was a time when it felt like every influencer on the planet was raving about this soothing face treatment. Hydrating face masks don't tend to be my thing (I opt for treatments that deliver visible results by decongesting or exfoliating), but there is something lovely about this one. It's brimming with shea butter, honey, hyaluronic acid and aloe for a comforting dose of moisture. Just like Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, Glossier advises you to apply this generously to damp skin and relax for 20 minutes. However, I prefer to apply it like a thick moisturiser before bed and sleep with it on. By morning, my skin has absorbed all of the goodness and feels soft and dewy.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance

When I heard that Glossier was launching a moisturiser specifically with oily skin in mind, I was so excited, and thankfully, this gel-cream formula doesn't disappoint. It uses marine extract to reduce excess shine so that your skin is left looking healthy but never sheeny and contains niacinamide to reduce the appearance of pores and even skin tone. If you're all about the Glossier glow, then this moisturiser won't be dewy enough for you, but if, like me, you want a product that will keep your oil levels in check throughout the day, then I think it's a winner.

Glossier Futuredew

In direct contrast to the moisturiser above, Futuredew is all about the shine. It's an oil-serum hybrid that you apply as the final step in your skincare routine—after your SPF—and it leaves skin seriously radiant. If your skin verges on the oilier side, then I think this product might be a bit intense. When I apply it before my makeup, I find that my foundation and concealer have slipped off my face halfway through the day and that I'm entering oil-slick territory. Instead, I like to use it over my base makeup as a subtle highlighter. It looks really beautiful pressed onto cheekbones for a naturally dewy effect.

2. Makeup

Glossier Monochromes

We did a full-team review of Glossier's latest makeup launch when it landed, but suffice to say we were all very excited by the brand's first eye shadow palette offering. Available in 10 different colour options, each refillable tin contains a matte, shimmer and glitter eye shadow that all really pack a punch when it comes to colour pay-off. Although not all the shades are up my street, there's a great mix of wearable neutrals and more trend-led colours, and it's nice to see a brand taking a more edited approach to eye shadow palettes.

Glossier Ultralip

Described by the brand as "the (cashmere) sweatpants of lipstick" I just knew I'd adore this laidback approach to lip colour when they launched this, and they really didn't disappoint. Combining the hydration of a balm with the sheen of a gloss and the pigment of a traditional lipstick, I'm pretty sure that these will appeal to both lipstick lovers and loathers alike. You can apply them lightly for just a hint of balmy colour or layer them up for a shiny lipstick look. Available in 9 shades, from soft pinks to walnut browns, there's a hue for everyone but Fête (a juicy red) and Villa (a dusty rose) get top marks from me.

Glossier Solar Paint

I wouldn't describe myself as a bronzer girl, so it's as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone that I found myself falling head over heels for the long-awaited launch of Glossier bronzers in summer 2021. It's a unique gel-cream texture that melts into skin for a really natural finish (I like to blend it in with my fingertips or a damp makeup sponge), and it's available in four versatile shades that truly mimic sun-kissed skin. I wore it basically every day during the summer months, but I reach for it consistently during winter too on mornings that my skin needs a little livening up.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

To be fair, Glossier doesn't give any false promises with the name of this product—it's called a tint rather than a foundation because that's exactly what it is. It just turns out that a tint really isn't what I look for in my base products. Available in 12 shades, Glossier describe this product as an "imperceptible wash of colour," which it is. If you love the skin you're in and are just looking for a product that leaves your face looking a little bit smoother, this might be up your street. For me, however, I want a base product that works a little harder—reducing redness of blemishes and disguising pigmentation—so this really isn't for me.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

On the other hand, I can't get enough of Glossier's concealer. Described as having undetectable coverage, I find that this little pot does a great job of disguising dark circles, minimising the appearance of breakouts, and brightening my skin. In fact, I've even used this as an all-over foundation—applied with a stippling brush—and love the finish it leaves on my skin. It does boast a dewy finish, so I have to set it down with powder for long-lasting results. But if you're all about that glow, it looks truly beautiful when left alone. It's concealer love.

Glossier Boy Brow

Simply put, this brow gel is amazing and fully deserves its cult status. It has a creamy wax formula that manages to both fill in sparse patches and create thicker-looking, healthy brows. On days when I want to get out of the door quickly, this offers a fuss-free application for instantly polished brows.

Glossier Brow Flick

Although there's less hype around Glossier's eyebrow pen, I think it might be even better than Boy Brow. Hear me out. Before I tried it, I thought that a detailing pen would be a total fuss to use. However, the tip is so fine that it's actually incredibly easy to apply light, natural-looking strokes exactly where you need them—perfect if you have sparse patches. I always think my brows look so much more polished and groomed when I have this on them.

Glossier Haloscope

If you like a highlighter that mimics the shine of a disco ball, then this creamy stick probably won't be your thing. If, however, you're looking for an extra dose of daytime dewiness, then you'll love this. A creamy highlighter stick with a solid-oil core packed with vitamin-rich moisturisers, this glides on to deliver a natural-looking sheen to the skin. My go-to shade is Quartz—a pearlescent pink—which provides a subtle, glitter-free glimmer to skin. Admittedly, this doesn't last amazingly well on my oily skin, but I'm happy to reapply it throughout the day, as it's just so damn pretty.

Glossier Lidstar

I have a love-hate relationship with these cream eye shadows, and it all comes down to the shades. Cub and Slip—the two pink shades—have become a staple in my daily routine, while Herb and Fawn just didn't work at all for me. In fact, Herb—a gorgeous smoky green in the tube—made me look like a had a black eye.

If you can find a colour that works for you, the formulas themselves are fantastic. Think a silky cream that glides onto eyelids and dries down for a crease-free, long-lasting finish. On days when I want a hint of colour on my lids but can't be bothered to faff about with brushes, these are great. For pale complexions, I'd advise going for the more pastel-hued shades, while the deeper colours would likely look incredible on darker skin tones.

Glossier Generation G

Having tried these in their earlier incarnation, I was delighted Glossier relaunched these sheer matte lipsticks with new and improved packaging. (The earlier editions used to crack and break and made me sad inside.) I'd describe these as a lipstick for people who don't do lipstick. Apply one layer and you get just a wash of colour (almost like a stain), or you can build it up for a more intense pigment. As a lipstick lover, these wouldn't be the formulas I reach for when I want a really dramatic lip look, but they do deliver a cool, blotted look that's great for everyday makeup.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Disclaimer: These products do not last on my skin. I don't know what it is about my face that drinks them up, but after a few hours, they've pretty much vanished. Does that mean I love Cloud Paint any less? No. I'm obsessed with them. A gel-cream texture, these blushers come in a beautiful array of shades. Dusk (a brownish nude) and Beam (a soft peach) are two of my favourites. Dab them onto your cheeks and blend them out. They're pretty sheer, so don't be worried about applying too much. I've found they look beautiful as eye shadows, too. If you're oily like me, use powder to set them in place and increase their longevity.

Glossier Lip Gloss

Before lip gloss was trending all over Instagram, Glossier was changing everything we knew about the sticky formulations of the '90s with these clear, cushiony glosses. They deliver a lightweight layer of shine to your lips with a glossy finish that stays put. I love it because it adds a bit of polish to a simple makeup look and contains vitamin E, so it actually hydrates your lips, too.

Glossier Wowder

Powder seems to have got a bit of a bad rep amongst influencers and stylish women in recent years. It seems almost like a badge of honour to declare that you forgo powder in favour of a dewy makeup look. Well, on behalf of all oily-skinned girls, I'd like to declare my love for powder, an absolute staple in my daily makeup bag. The thing that makes Wowder great is the way it manages to reduce unwanted shine and oiliness without compromising on radiance. Rather than completely mattifying your complexion, it diffuses over fine lines and pores to make your skin look soft, even, and healthy. I think even powder haters could be converted.

Glossier Lash Slick

This mascara divides beauty editors and Glossier girls alike, with fans of the product loving the natural flutter it provides and sceptics claiming it doesn't add any impact. The brand claims this is the perfect everyday mascara, and I'd be inclined to agree. For me, mascara isn't an everyday essential, and if I'm going to wear it, I want it to enhance my natural lashes rather than create the illusion of falsies. This one uses tiny fibres to subtly extend the length of your lashes and coat them with a flexible black pigment—almost like a natural lash lift. Oh, and it washes off with warm water, so there's no need to tug at your eyes with a heavy-duty makeup remover at the end of the day. 

3. Body

Glossier Deodorant

I have tried so many natural and aluminium-free deodorants over the years, but it's rare for one to really impress me. Mainly because to keep my sweaty underarms at bay I'm more of a super-strength, 48-hour protection kind of girl, but also because a lot of these kinds of deodorants often contain baking powder which really irritates my armpits. However, Glossier's offering is free from both aluminium and baking soda and I can confirm that my armpits are happy and rash-free when I use it. Sure, it doesn't stop you sweating (it's not an anti-perspirant) but I definitely smelt good all day. Glossier You is my scent of choice, but I love that you can refill the chic case with one of the two other scent options or a fragrance-free version when you're ready to switch to a new one.  


Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

This is one of the best body washes I've ever used. It's a gentle seven-oil formula that lifts grime and sweat and then transforms into a soft froth to wash it all away. There's no water in the formula, so it won't affect the pH of your skin, and it honestly leaves me feeling so soft once I've stepped out of the shower. The cute packaging certainly helps, too. I love it when there's a bottle of this displayed in my bathroom. Oh, and the subtle orange blossom and neroli fragrance reminds me of one of my favourite Tom Ford scents—without the enormous price tag.

Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

The Glossier bodycare is a big hit with me—I adore this daily body lotion as much as the Oil Wash. I moisturise religiously after every bath or shower, so my mark of good body lotion is how quickly it sinks in. This one is really thick in texture, but my skin drinks it up and is left looking amazingly dewy. It contains light-reflecting particles that help with the glow, and I recommend this to everyone on bare-leg days.

Glossier Hand Cream

I'm a big fan of the Glossier You perfume, so when it arrived in hand-cream form, I immediately knew that I would be a fan. The lotion itself sinks in fast, leaves hands feeling moisturised, and smells simply lovely. Yes, it won't perform miracles (it is just a hand cream), but it makes me happy when I use it. Bonus points for the ultra-cute packaging.

Glossier Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist

We've already covered how fanatic I am about moisturising daily, and body oils are one of my favourite methods of hydration. It's no surprise, then, that I wholeheartedly adore this new Dry-Touch Oil from Glossier. It contains sunflower-seed, grapeseed, and oat oils to really nourish dry skin, and it leaves skin with that trademark glow. The best thing about it is that you can spray it on, rub it in, and immediately get dressed without feeling like a sticky mess.

4. Fragrance

Glossier You

For me, this perfume is like a cosy cardigan or a warm blanket—comforting and familiar. I'm not sure entirely what it smells like. It's kind of clean, subtly floral, and wonderfully warming. Glossier describes it using words like "creamy," "sparkling," and "warm," and it contains notes of musk, ambrette, iris root, and pink pepper. It's the kind of perfume that smells slightly different on everyone and feels like a fragrance you've always worn. Give it a sniff if you can—you can usually choose a free fragrance sample when you place an order—but I'm confident most people will enjoy this scent.

Glossier You Solid

Hooray—Glossier's cult solid perfume is back, and this time it's refillable. Containing that beautiful You fragrance in a solid formulation, the waxy compact warms up in your fingers so you can then press it into your skin. I'd say it's slightly softer and lighter than the bottled version, but it's the chicest way to touch up your scent throughout the day. Love.