How Shopping for Glasses Can Be Just as Fun as Shopping for Shoes

When it comes to shopping, I am not good at being decisive and can't cope with pushy sales assistants, which means I tend to avoid certain beauty halls (I listen when they tell me I need to buy four eye creams) and opticians. This is how I ended up wearing the same glasses for over six years without a spare pair, until I lost them in September and had to suddenly decide on a new pair over my lunch break—a challenge for even the most focused shoppers.

Glasses might be the most noticeable accessory you can wear, but buying a new pair tends to be a very clinical experience that is far less emotional than shopping for shoes. But in the six years since I last tried to find a new pair of frames, a number of new brands have emerged that make the experience so much more fun and nothing like a dentist appointment. In the week when I lost my glasses, I suddenly became an eyewear specialist, and there were three brands that really stood out. Keep scrolling to see the three brands that make glasses shopping just as fun as shoe shopping.