5 Chic French Women Reveal the Beauty Buys They Can't Live Without

While I've always trusted my French contemporaries to inform my wardrobe wares, it's only recently that I've really started to take note of the beauty products they use, too. Surely their trademark glowing skin and barely there (but beautiful) makeup isn't all down to genetics, right?

After dedicating the last few months to road-testing French beauty products, I'm all in. From lightweight serums to sensitive but high-performing cleansers, items on my bathroom shelf are becoming more Gallic by the day. 

Continuing my quest to discover the best French beauty products and create their flawless looks for myself, I consulted five of the chicest French influencers I know to find out which beauty buys they personally swear by. Scroll below to see what they said. 


Best French Beauty Products: @ruerodier reveals her top three beauty buys



"I take my makeup off with this every night. Sometimes I double-cleanse, as it's oat scent smells so good."

"This is the one makeup item that I won't leave the house without wearing."

"This is the best total-block tinted SPF cream that I've found, and I use it every summer." 


Best French Beauty Products: @frannfyne shares her must-have skincare



"A moisturiser and toner in one, this cream really is perfect for busy mornings."

"I refuse to go to bed at night without applying this. By the time I wake up, my skin is impossibly soft."

"When my skin needs a boost, I mix this exfoliating powder with water and lightly massage it into the surface. After rinsing, my skin looks instantly fresher."


Best French Beauty Products: @lenafarl shares her favourite French beauty fixes



"A detox oil that illuminates and evens out the complexion while diminishing the appearance of imperfections so your skin looks simply flawless (not oily)."

"I'm really into natural makeup that doesn’t require too many steps. This is why I love this all-in-one palette from Rouje. You can use it as a blush, lipstick, and eye shadow to give a natural yet glowy look."

"A perfect mix of oils that nourishes, soothes, and illuminates the skin. You can also use it for your nails and as a hair mask."


"As far as foundations go, this is absolutely incredible. It's like a second skin—very light and luminous at the same time."

"This is a beautiful lipstick. I really love it because it holds very well, and you can wear it with no other makeup and feel chic." 

"I'm absolutely obsessed with the orange blossom tones in this perfume. It's perfect for summer."


Best French Beauty Products: @basicstouch's favourite French buys can be found in a pharmacy



"I always come back to this cream when I have breakouts. It's very lightweight but works wonderfully on my skin, which can turn oily very easily."

"I have tried so many cleansing gels and soaps, but none was quite right. Then I came across this Avène cleanser, and it's the best for my oily skin."

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