Okay, These Flat and Low-Heel Shoes From Zara, Mango, and M&S Are Fire

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When it comes to my daily footwear, I've always preferred flats or low-heel shoes. Not that I have anything against high-heels, but considering I'm a born-and-bred California girl, the ease and comfort of flat and low-heel shoes just seems to agree with me on a fundamental level. High heels, in my humble opinion, are to be reserved for special occasions or a night when I'm feeling extra flirty. The numerous stylish flats offerings and resurgence of kitten heels in recent years (I'm looking at you, Manolo Maysales) have only helped my case.

On top of that, the right flats or low-heel shoes have an understated elegance that's hard for a higher heel to compete with. I'll never forget seeing a woman walk into a wedding in a breezy floor-length gown with simple sandals on her feet and thinking that she was the chicest person in the room. Suffice to say, I've done a lot of research recently on the best flats and low heels out there. My biggest issue? Putting a cap on my finds, which M&S, Zara, and Mango aren't helping with. They've really been nailing it with their selections of flats and low-heel shoes, so I've rounded up my favourite 28 picks just for you, dear reader, below.

Shop the Best Flat & Low-Heel Shoes:

The Best Mango Shoes:

These would look great with a pair of relaxed jeans and a bodysuit.

Regular readers will know just how much team WWW love ballet flats.

These will serve you well all summer long.

These are a great option if you're heading to a wedding soon.

A buttery yellow is such a versatile summer shade.

The block heel on these ensure they're really comfy to walk in.

The Best M&S Shoes:

A shoe you can rely on no matter the season or occasion. 

These have such a Parisian feel, don't you think?

I'd wear these with double denim for an easy yet chic daytime fit. 

Picture these with a linen dress and blazer... Perfection!

A nude ballet flat will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

A great heel if, like me, you're after comfort and style.

These are wedge heels, making them much easier to walk in!

I think these might be my new favourites.

The Best Zara Shoes:

I just know these will fast become heroes in your wardrobe.

These will literally go with every summer look.

I'm seeing these with a black maxi dress.

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