Fleeces Are Having a Moment, and I've Found So Many Good Ones

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I've bought a fleece. There I said it, and I can guarantee I'm not the only one who wants one right now. In fact, I've already seen so many fashion people wearing them. And I blame them entirely for making me see how much of a winter staple they are even though they are, undoubtably, the Marmite of the winter jacket world. 

The fleece I've bought is from H&M, and this particular cream-and-navy iteration sold out three times before I managed to finally add it to my basket. I wanted it so much I took my boyfriend to look for it in different H&M stores (to no avail), but he ended up buying one. So here we are, the couple with matching fleeces. And you know what? I'm not remotely mad about it because they are so damn cosy. I also love the way they look with leather trousers, jeans or even cargo trousers. Yep, that's right. I also own the '00s favourite, the "combat" style, once again. 

Style Notes: Oumayma wears the Isabel Marant Étoile half-zip fleece, and it's already at Net-a-Porter.

Style Notes: I keep seeing the Warehouse versions on Instagram. If you're still dubious about the fleece, play it safe with a black style. 

Before I became a hard-hitting fleece fan (I'm hoping it's not just a phase), I used to associate them with dads. Or worse, I'd only think of that wolf version you can find on every market stall in the UK. I'm sure someone in East London has already tried to make these cool, but for now, I'm here to show you the ones that actually are. And everyone, from Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren to & Other Stories and Arket, agrees with me. 


I would wear this with leather trousers and thick tread boots. 

This one also looks so good in Flamingo Pink. 

This is the one I have in a different colourway—it sold out again!

Of course Arket has one for the minimalists. 

This one screams "Hi everyone, I'm wearing a fleece" from every angle. 

I found this beauty in the men's section. 

Part fleece, part jumper—it's the hybrid none of us knew we needed until now. 

I can't believe I now want a camo fleece.

The cream has nearly sold out in all sizes, but this soft camel colour is just as good. 

Made from a mix of recycled wool and recycled polyester.

This looks like a thrift-store find, but it's actually a high-street gem. 

And now, I need a hooded fleece in my life. 

I'm imagining this one with baggy jeans and trainers. 

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