The Coolest Bride Just Wore a Ganni Jumper to Her Wedding

When it comes to weddings, there's no denying that the most fashionable of nuptials are the most fun to gawp at. Whether that's an A-lister or a fashion editor, set in a city or on a beach, there are plenty of stylish brides and grooms we've seen over the past few years that we need to tell you about. 

Our latest crush comes in the form of a German bride, Isa, who we stumbled across on our Instagram travels. We instantly fell for her achingly cool choice of flowy dress and white Ganni jumper, and the simple white bow that secured her bun. Timeless, chic and warm, this look is perfect for any fashion-savvy bride looking to wed in winter. Scroll down to see the full look and prepare to swoon.