Your Ultimate Guide to Fashion's Best Illustrators

The fashion industry officially has a new obsession. Elite brands like J. Crew, Chanel and Prada have enlisted the help of talented illustrators to give their designs new life. Bursting with vibrant colours, intricate patterns and endless personality, their stylish sketches never fail to impress. Plus, the artists often interpret celeb looks and runway shows, so you’ll never miss a stylish beat. To celebrate our fascination, we’ve compiled a guide to fashion’s most artistic virtuosos. 

Scroll down to meet twelve INCREDIBLE fashion illustrators. 

Katie Rodgers



Katie Rodgers's watercolors feign an electric glow, enchanting thousands of Instagram followers (along with the likes of Vanity Fair). Plus, she's not afraid of innovation, using a keen eye to turn everyday items into delicate gowns. Who says playing with food is just for kids?

Jenny Walton



With stellar personal style and insider snaps of the fashion scene, Jenny Walton is equal parts illustrator and "it" girl. You'll be charmed by her intricately patterned and vibrantly colored sketches, not to mention her penchant for statement earrings and globetrotting. J. Crew loves her, so you probably will too.

Alex Kim



Packed with humour and cultural relevance, Alex Kim's feed of illustrations is informed by youth. At just 23, she's amassed thousands of followers through a dedication to celebrity style. Including everyone from Serena Williams to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, Kim's star-studded sketches are instantly recognizable...even while faceless.

Ellie Benuska



We have no doubt that Ellie Benuska will soon be illustrator-laureate to models everywhere. With stunning watercolors of Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner, her illustrations give new life to runway royalty.

Emily Brickel Edelson



go-to illustrator at WWW, Emily Brickel Edelson has some of the sassiest, sweetest drawings Instagram. Her direction of Chic Sketch, an innovative way to turn personal style into artistic magic, has already caught the eyes of Vogue and other MAJOR voices in fashion.

Lena Ker



Grounded somewhere between realism and fashion's finest flamboyances, Lena Ker's illustrations demonstrate an admirable obsession with high-end couture. Travel back to the moment you first approached fashion with wide-eyed wonder, and you'll quickly click "follow".

Jessica Durrant



One of Instagram's most intense illustrators, Jessica Durrant has a flair for the dramatic. Her watercoloured silhouettes of stunning gowns suggest that fashion just might have a dark side. When you're nearly convinced, Durrant zooms in on the best of fashion's beauty, demonstrating a keen passion for embellishments and daring backs.

A proud lawyer-turned-artist, Mats Meyer's smarts shine through on her sophisticated feed. Full of texture, grace and subtle sensuality, her black and white works are framed thoughtfully, often on crisp sheets alongside feminine flowers.

Her work with some of the industry's most glamorous brands (think Chanel and Tiffany & Co) makes Megan Hess a clear member of the fashion elite. Rarely one to leave white space, Hess carves out context for her looks, placing pencil skirts in Dubai and Anna Wintour in her proper front-row seat.

Ever-real, Rong Rong DeVoe's growing following reflects impressive attention to detail. Based in Houston, she never skimps on personality. Polished fingernails, bubbles in Champagne and the fluttering of eyelashes all pack a punch alongside trendy street style.

Carly Kuhn



Clever name aside, Carly Kuhn has some serious drawing chops. Featured as part of Elle's New York Fashion Week coverage, Kuhn's quirky interpretations of runway standouts are undeniable sartorial perfection.

Meagan Morrison



If you love pops of colour, Meagan Morrison is your gal. Never will you scroll past a dull drawing in her feed, which she packs with personality and a love for shoes. Plus, her coverage of runway shows around the world includes sagacious, hilarious commentary.

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