40 of the Best Fashion Blogs We Think Are Worth Bookmarking

The best fashion blogs don't just give you incredible style advice—they give you inspiration. Fashion blogs engage you in interesting content and provide new ideas on the subject of fashion and the surrounding creative world. Sure, everyone wants great outfit ideas for their saved Instagram section and dream wardrobes, but fashion isn't just about looking perfect. It can be an expression of who you are and how you want to represent yourself in the world. Now, if that's a little too deep for you, fear not. Our roundup of the best fashion blogs is a mix of serious and lighthearted takes on style.

Susie Lau's Style Bubble has been going for over a decade and includes intelligent articles on everything from underground global fashion talent to perfume. She also provides fascinating behind-the-scenes pieces on the real work it takes to create a beautiful Chanel garment. Then there's the tongue-in-cheek Man Repeller run by Leandra Medine and her team. Its smart, witty take on fashion is refreshing. And if over-the-top clothes aren't your thing, we've also found plenty of bloggers with more pared-back styles for the minimalists. 

From the biggest fashion bloggers in the world, who could now be considered celebrities, to the smaller influencers whose style still packs a punch, we've found 40 incredible sites and Instagram accounts you need to bookmark for your ultimate fashion fix. 

Pernille Teisbaek
fashion blog: Pernille Teisbaek



Why you should follow: Teisbaek is the ultimate chic Scandi woman, and her looks are ones we often try to emulate. While she only exists on Instagram, her range of eclectic outfits is enough to sate any fashion lover.

Where to follow: @pernilleteisbaek

Harper and Harley
fashion blog: Harper and Harley


Harper and Harley

Why you should follow: For all the minimalists out there, if you're not already following Harper and Harley, then might we suggest you do so pronto? The Australian blogger showcases chic outfits and more. We often turn to her when we're in need of updating our wardrobe staples.

Where to follow: harperandharley.com; @harperandharley

Veronika Heilbrunner
fashion blog: Veronika Heilbrunner



Why you should follow: Heilbrunner is one of the coolest women in fashion and knows how to wear the latest trends. Apart from for her known love of sneakers (Converse are her go-tos), she also runs the blog Hey Woman—covering fashion, art, beauty and street style. We can't get enough of it.

Where to follow: hey-woman.com; @veronikaheilbrunner

A Style Album
fashion blog: A Style Album



Why you should follow: This site created by Emma Thatcher and Louise Redknapp is great if your wardrobe is a mix of designer and high-street pieces. Go here for easy-to-wear outfit ideas, beauty tips and interior advice.

Where to follow: astylealbum.com; @astylealbum

Bisous Natasha
fashion blog: Bisous Natasha


Bisous Natasha

Why you should follow: You can rely on model and blogger Natasha Ndlovu for super-chic outfit ideas. From blogging about a pared-back white-tee-and-trousers combo to showing us her favourite pair of Zara sandals for summer, we're hooked.

Where to follow: bisousnatasha.com; @natashandlovu

5 Inch and Up
fashion blog:  5 Inch and Up


5 Inch and Up

Why you should follow: Obsessed with shoes? If you don't already know about Sandra Hagelstam's blog, then you need to start reading it pronto. Her blog is an indulgent look at gorgeous footwear. Not only will it make you shop, but you just might get great outfit ideas on what to wear with your new shoes.

Where to follow: 5inchandup.com; @5inchandup

Symphony of Silk
fashion blog: Symphony of Silk


Symphony of Silk

Why you should follow: While plenty of other bloggers are full-time influencers, Lorna Humphrey manages to also squeeze in time to be a lawyer (yes, we know). Not only does she combine high and low price points, but she's always immaculately dressed. She's the perfect example of to do corporate dressing without ever looking stiff.

Where to follow: symphonyofsilk.com; @symphonyofsilk

Man Repeller
fashion blog: Man Repeller


Getty Images

Why you should follow: All hail Leandra Medine, who gives us the guts to not care what other people think of our outfits (even if we cause a few raised eyebrows in the pub with our socks-and-sandals combo). Go here for witty fashion ideas, essays on feminism and funny posts about inappropriate winks.

Where to follow: manrepeller.com; @manrepeller

Bryan Boy
fashion blog: Bryanboy



Why you should follow: Bryanboy is one of the original fashion bloggers and has made a name for himself as one of the biggest internet celebs. He's even had a Marc Jacobs bag named after him and appeared on America's Next Top Model. It doesn't get more fashion than that.

Where to follow: @bryanboycom; bryanboy.com

Gala González
fashion blog: Gala González



Why you should follow: Gala González's page is a place to go when you're looking for holiday dressing inspiration. (She often appears to be in sunny climates with blue skies on her Instagram feed.) Of course, it's her fashion choices that make us return to her site, but a little vacay jealously never hurt anyone.

Where to follow: @galagonzalez; amlul.com

The Chriselle Factor
fashion blog: The Chriselle Factor



Why you should follow: As a stylist, Chriselle Lim knows how to put together a stylish outfit (or five). One to bookmark for elegant dressing.

Where to follow: @chrisellelim; thechrisellefactor.com

Rumi Neely
fashion blog: Rumi Neely



Why you should follow: Rumi Neely's brand, Are You Am I, is loved by many A-listers—from Emily Ratajkowski to Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid. Her feed is sun-drenched and totally L.A.

Where to follow: @rumineely; areyouami.com

Collage Vintage
fashion blog: Collage Vintage



Why you should follow: As well as finding the chicest street style shots, Collage Vintage documents founder Sara Escudero's life. From holiday snaps to new trends, this is always a fun, romantic take on fashion.

Where to follow: @collagevintage; collagevintage.com

The Atlantic Pacific
fashion blog: Atlantic-Pacific



Why you should follow: Tired of seeing streetwear pics? Fear not—Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific is here to inject some sophistication into your wardrobe.

Where to follow: @blaireadiebee; the-atlantic-pacific.com

We Wore What
fashion blog: We Wore What



Why you should follow: If you're struggling with getting dressed in the morning, fashion blog We Wore What can help with that. From office-ready combos to L.A.-style ensembles, this blogger's got cool style nailed down.

Where to follow: @weworewhat; weworewhat.com

Fashion Me Now
fashion blog: Fashion Me Now



Why you should follow: Lucy Williams is a blogger we go to for inspiration time and time again (thanks to her effortless way of putting outfits together). She's the simplistic fashion blogger—and we love it.

Where to follow: @lucywilliams02; fashionmenow.com

Arielle Charnas
fashion blog: Something Navy



Why you should follow: Arielle Noa Charnas began the blog Something Navy way back in 2009, but thanks to her mix of preppy New York style and fashion-forward looks, her site has become one of the biggest around.

Where to follow: @somethingnavy; somethingnavy.com

The Blonde Salad
fashion blog: The Blonde Salad



Why you should follow: If you don't know who Chiara Ferragni is, then you've quite possibly been hiding under a rock. The über-blogger has become one of the most recognisable faces in the fashion influencer world. She was the first blogger to land a Vogue magazine cover and often collaborates with many different fashion brands.

Where to follow: @theblondesalad; theblondesalad.com

The Frugality
fashion blog: The Frugality



Why you should follow: High fashion can sometimes seem like it's out of reach. While the likes of Chanel and Gucci will always hold a place in our hearts (and most bloggers' closets), sometimes it's great to know how to shop without spending a fortune. Alex Stedman of The Frugality constantly proves that the high street offers incredible pieces that look super expensive (such as this jumper from M&S).

Where to follow: the-frugality.com; @thefrugality

Style Bubble
fashion blog: Susie Lau of Style Bubble



Why you should follow: For the serious fashion lovers, Susie Lau's site is the place to go when you want to know exactly how a piece of Chanel couture is made. It's also a place to enjoy great writing. Lau has dedicated over a decade to this blog, and it shows. Intelligent and insightful.

Where to follow: stylebubble.co.uk; @susiebubble

Pandora Sykes
fashion blog: Pandora Sykes



Why you should follow: Pandora Sykes's blog is perfectly British and always delivered with a knowing wink. She offers advice on styling and travel as well as commentary on current cultural affairs.

Where to follow: pandorasykes.com; @pandorasykes

The Haute Pursuit
fashion blog: Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit



Why you should follow: If you're looking for more than a lesson in great dressing and want some real understanding of what it takes to be a fashion blogger, then go to The Haute Pursuit. Run by Vanessa Hong, the site now boasts its own online shop of minimalistic basics.

Where to follow: thehautepursuit.com; @thehautepursuit

Garance Doré
fashion blog: Garance Doré



Why you should follow: Corsica native and veteran fashion blogger Garance Doré began her blog in 2006 primarily as a place to showcase her skills as a fashion illustrator. Her blog's function quickly turned from showcasing her art and photography to writing about fashion and beauty. This is a great place to discover classic fashion with a French twist.

Where to follow: garancedore.com; @garancedore

Song of Style
fashion blog: Aimee Song of Song of Style


Getty Images

Why you should follow: Aimee Song, a trained interior designer, started to blog about her outfits after she received a great response from her followers on her personal style. Her fun sense of fashion is massively influenced by her Californian roots, so expect sunshine-ready ensembles with a fashion-forward approach.

Where to follow: songofstyle.com; @songofstyle

fashion blog: Charlotte Groeneveld of TheFashionGuitar


Getty Images

Why you should follow: As a mother of two, Charlotte Groeneveld proves that mum style doesn't have to be mumsy. Regularly kitted out in the latest Vetements or Chanel, this is a high-end fashion blog with a bit of family on the side.

Where to follow: thefashionguitar.com; @thefashionguitar

Gabi Fresh
fashion blog: Gabi Fresh



Why you should follow: With her cool outfit ideas and body-positive messages, Gabi Gregg of Gabi Fresh proves that fashion isn't just for one size, but for all sizes. (Not to mention she goes some epic-looking holidays that include gorgeous outfits.)

Where to follow: gabifresh.com; @gabifresh

Camille Over the Rainbow
fashion blog: Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow


Getty Images

Why you should follow: Want to know about the latest designers you'll be desperate to buy next season? Then Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow is your woman. The blogger often wears pieces from emerging designers (we spied her wearing Maggie Marilyn before many others), and her unique sense of style will have you coming back for more.

Where to follow: camilleovertherainbow.com; @camillecharriere

Brittany Bathgate
fashion blog: Brittany Bathgate


Brittany Bathgate

Why you should follow: If you're a real lover of wardrobe basics, then we suggest you bookmark Brittany Bathgate stat. She's a lover of chic yet quirky pieces and wears them in interesting ways, giving new life to classic pieces. 

Where to follow: brittanybathgate.co.uk; @brittanybathgate

And Finally
fashion blog: And Finally


Phill Taylor for Who What Wear UK

Why you should follow: If accessories are your thing, then And Finally is where you need to go. The blog—created by Anna Rosa Vitiello and Florrie Thomas—will ensure that you'll never run out of outfit ideas. Think advice on how to style jewelry or a new pair of shoes.

Where to follow: and-finally.co.uk; @andfinally_

Shot From the Street
fashion blog: Shot From the Street


Shot From the Street

Why you should follow: Down-to-earth blogger Lizzy Hadfield likes to mix up high-street pieces with designer ones. Her blog, Shot From the Street, covers everything—from sharing whether or not an item is worth buying to showcasing cool holiday outfit ideas. You'll be clicking "like" on all her Insta posts before you know it.

Where to follow: shotfromthestreet.com; @shotfromthestreet

Soraya Bakhtiar
fashion blog: Soraya Bakhtiar


Soraya Bakhtiar

Why you should follow: Sophisticated Euro-chic is the best way to describe blogger Soraya's take on style. Whether it's an easygoing boho ensemble or a cool way to wear Chanel, there's something for everyone.

Where to follow: sorayabakhtiar.com; @sorayabakhtiar

Freddie Harrel
fashion blog: Freddie Harrel


Freddie Harrel

Why you should follow: For a fun take on fashion, might we introduce to you Freddie Harrel? We love her so much we've featured her for having one of the Best Wardrobes in Britain. We just adore her personality and outfit ideas.

Where to follow: freddieharrel.com; @freddieharrel

Desert Mannequin
fashion blog: Desert Mannequin


Desert Mannequin

Why you should follow: If you're into modest fashion, Desert Mannequin's cool and colourful outfit ideas should be an everyday essential for you.

Where to follow: desertmannequin.com; @desertmannequin

Darja Barannik
fashion blog: Darja Barannik


Darja Barannik

Why you should follow: Oslo-based Darja perfectly captures a Scandi-meets-Russian style. She's always impeccably dressed, and we've been been coveting her colourful wardrobe for a long time.

Where to follow: darjabarannik.com; @darjabarannik

Annabel Rosendahl
fashion blog: Annabel Rosendahl



Why you should follow: Former fashion buyer Annabel knows how to put a great outfit together. What more do you need to know?

Where to follow: @annabelrosendahl; annabelrosendahl.com

Always Judging
fashion blog: Always Judging


Always Judging

Why you should follow: If you're into the Los Angeles fashion scene, then try out Courtney Trop's blog, Always Judging. There's a definite rock 'n' roll edge to her style, though she also incorporates beachy vibes.

Where to follow: alwaysjudging.com; @alwaysjudging

fashion blog: No Ordinary She



Why you should follow: There are plenty of bloggers in the UK that don't reside in London. Case in point? Ada Oguntodu, who lives in Aberdeen. Her take on style is a refreshing mix of bold colours and beautifully tailored pieces. A rising star.

Where to follow: noordinaryshe.com; @ada_oguntodu

Sincerely Jules
fashion blog: Sincerely Jules



Why you should follow: Fashion blogs do exist outside of the bubble of fashion week, and Sincerely Jules is one of the biggest out there. California native Julie Sariñana often showcases clean lines and minimalistic ensembles in front of stunning backdrops.

Where to follow: sincerelyjules.com; @sincerelyjules

Rue Rodier



Why you should follow: Marissa Cox not only writes Rue Rodier, she's also one of Who What Wear's columnists, so you know we really rate her style. The fashionable Brit moved to Paris in 2013 but had to change up her style to match her chic new city. As a result, she's got some brilliant learnings to dish out when it comes to dressing French. Merci, indeed. 

Where to follow: ruerodier.com, @ruerodier

Alexis Foreman



Why you should follow: Alexis's palette often consists of white, blacks and greys. But don't be fooled into thinking her wardrobe is boring—it is anything but. She'll pair oversized dresses with chunky shoes and socks or ladylike kitten heels with wide-leg white jeans. Seriously cool. 

Where to follow: stylememos.co.uk@alexisforeman

Next up, our edit of the best summer dresses to wear right now. 

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