Trust Me– These Face Primers Are Incredible For Mature Skin

As we get older there’s no doubt that our skin changes greatly. Thankfully there’s now more information out there on how our hormone levels affects our skin, whether that’s with loss of volume, dryness or skin tone change. While this is more important to note when it comes to skincare and supplements it’ll also play a part in the makeup that we pick too. From choosing liquids or powder products or even opting for a primer that works better for mature skin.

I’m 30 and have already seen the choices I make adjust as my skin texture and tone change. I’m suddenly more drawn to creamier products and crave glow-boosting formulas across each step of my routine. Priming your skin is the crossover step from skincare to makeup and we’re seeing more brands wise up to the benefits of incorporating skincare benefits into

To help makeup last longer on mature skin, it’s about keeping the skin hydrated and plump. So, it’s key to look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and peptides. Hyaluronic acid attracts and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water so skin benefits from staying softer and more hydrated for longer. Ceramides also help with hydration by strengthening the skin barrier, while peptides encourage your skin to make more collagen, eventually leading to plumper-looking skin. When it comes to making your makeup last, opting for primers that look to blur and hydrate will be the best combination for more mature skin.

The Best Face Primers for Mature Skin

This primer contains a combination of green tea, rice and algae for anti-ageing benefits. And the product name doesn’t lie, it leaves you with silky soft skin a perfect canvas for any base product.

This primer gives you the ultimate 2-for-1 with a primer and SPF 50 everyday protection. If you find your skin normally feels dry after applying traditional primers then this one should be your next pick.

Fine lines your biggest skin bugbear? This primer helps to blur the look of them but doesn’t feel silicone-like. It’s a gel consistency that dries to a velvety finish.

Definitely the most affordable primer of the bunch this product isn’t like an old-school silicone primer. It has a serum texture and has a soft skin finish.

Vitamin A, C and E are focal ingredients this primer to deliver radiance along with hydration.

The blurring effect in this formula uses light-diffusion technology. It absorbs sweat, oil and reduces shine without drying out the skin.

If glow is what you’re after you can’t go wrong with this radiance-inducing primer. Its key ingredient is vitamin C which helps with even skin tone.

Such a classic product, this acts as a face moisturiser and a primer in one with hyaluronic acid, shea butter and a blend of vitamins B5, C and E. It soothes, smooths and brightens skin over time but immediately acts as a great makeup base.

This translucent formula adheres makeup to the skin but beforehand smooths skin and blurs the appearance of fine lines.

If you’re a fan of full coverage bases this primer is fit to handle the ultimate full coverage base—Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Silky-soft skin is pretty much guaranteed with this primer thanks to the shea butter and glycerin in the formula locking in hydration.

If you still prefer a matte makeup finish, this gel-like texture smooths skin and gives and matte but not flat pre-makeup finish.

For ultra-dry, patchy or flaky skin, you can apply this on the spots of dryness to even out tone and texture.

Fans of skincare layering will love the light-weight feel of this primer which also benefits from SPF 30.

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