This Is By Far My Most-Used Beauty Product Come Summer

Summer is officially here, and if the weather forecast is anything to go by, we've got some seriously hot, sunny days ahead of us. And I'm not sure about you, but the minute things start heating up, any will I have to keep my daily beauty routine alive diminishes. Very quickly, my twice-daily, 10-step skincare routine becomes a simple two-step cleanse (with refreshingly cold water, of course) with a generous smattering of lightweight but repairing serum afterwards. Similarly, any desire to spend time applying makeup vanishes as the threat of it melting off in minutes makes the whole act seem a little pointless.

There is, however, one beauty product that I find myself reaching for far more than any other during the summer months. Sure, if I had to pick my most important summer beauty product, it would be SPF (there's no such thing as too much protection), but my most frequently used products are without question face mists. And, while people may say that their existence is pointless, I beg to differ.

Best Face Mists: @emmahoareau



You see, after I have gone through a phase of using face mists religiously, when I fall out of the rhythm, I can't help but notice that my skin lacks a certain glow. While face mists were once little more than a refreshing spritz used to cool our skin down on hot days, now the formulas mean business. They're packed with skin-loving ingredients that deliver a radiance that looks as though it's shining from the inside out.

With the help of regular misting, not only do I stay refreshed, it also means that, despite the fact my routine is simpler in the summer, my skin never has to forgo the hardworking ingredients it deserves. Keep scrolling for my pick of the most refreshing, skin-loving face mists around.

I'm just about to start my fourth bottle of this stuff—that's how much I love it. It might not have a calming scent or come in a fancy bottle, but the formula itself is undeniably fantastic. It's lightweight and hydrating, but it also contains the wonderful calming and soothing traits of the other products in La Roche-Posay's Toleriane range. If you have sensitive skin, this one is a winner.

It's an oldie but a goodie. This thermal spring water mist is perfect for bringing down any heat-induced redness. Plus, the aerosol bottle makes it seriously cooling. 

For something a little harder-working, this handbag-sized mist contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and Kakadu plum to deliver serious glow while protecting the skin against environmental aggressors.

Soothing, plumping and easy on the eyes too, this pretty coconut water mist has a calming rose scent and is formulated with lauric and citric acid for super gentle, glow-boosting exfoliation. 

It might be painfully expensive, but this face mist is genuinely one of my favourite skincare products ever made. With antioxidant-rich algae extract, unlike so many other mists, this stuff really does deliver results that stick around. Not only does it hydrate, it also leaves skin looking plumper, more vibrant and youthful.

Extracted from Damask rose petals, this rose water mist not only smells divine but also possesses wonderful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for soft, supple and soothed skin.

The stuff is luxe in everyway. The glass bottle makes for the prettiest desk-side accessory and the scent is refreshingly spa-like. It's a super-calming and hydrating treat for the skin too, of course.

Impossibly cute, this teeny-tiny spray is ideal for setting makeup on hot days, but personally, the refreshing mango scent and glow-giving formula means I can't help spritzing it all day long. I'm equally as in love with the pineapple version too. 

If you're after at-home spa vibes, this is the mist for you. Not only is the formula itself deeply nourishing and hydrating, but the scent is also absolutely heavenly.

While many of the mists on this list are great for the daytime, I love using this stuff in the evening. The milky texture creates the most nourishing and calming veil over the skin that instantly calms both my complexion and my mind. 

If, like me, you're serious about misting, this particular spritz is worthing knowing about. Containing both probiotics and prebiotics, this stuff is designed to promote optimum barrier function, making it ideal for those prone to sensitivity. The minute my skin starts reacting to something it doesn't like, a generous misting of this calms it down in seconds.

No face mist round up is complete without this stuff. Harnessing the refreshing, healing powers of Hungarian spring water, Queen of Hungary Mist also contains orange blossom, rose and sage waters to boost hydration and suppleness. The best bit? The floral neroli scent provides instant relaxation. 

An absolute favourite amongst Who What Wear UK editors, this mist not only acts as the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up but it is also jam-packed with antioxidants to promote long-term skin health.

Created by renowned facialist Fracnes Prescott, this mist is one of the most results-bearing I have ever used. With orange blossom, rose and verbena it hydrates, plumps and provides anti-pollution protection. It might be little-known, but if you ask me, it's easily one of the best around. 

Whereas the majority of mists aim to hydrate and nourish, this toning mist is actually perfect for spot-prone skin. For days when my skin is particularly congested but irritated at the same time, a quick spritz of this stuff calms it and helps reduce the appearance of breakouts and pores too.

When I talk about mists being full of serious skin ingredients, this is what I mean. Oskia's City Life mist contains antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and astaxanthin for pollution protection as well as general skin superhero niacinamide. It's become an absolute saviour for my stressed-out summer skin.