This Underrated Makeup Tool Is the Secret to Defined Lashes

My eyelashes have lived a life of neglect—they've been forgotten, cast aside, and treated with a significant amount of unbotheredness. I've never had long lashes. They're very fine and almost baby hair-like, and I'm actually not that concerned, as that's why we have false lashes. 

I wear said lashes on a daily basis, hence my natural lash neglect. But as I've been going a bit more low-key of late, wearing a full set of fluffy lashes for a video call at 9 a.m. is a bit much, even for me. 

So I've been diligently dusting off my mascaras and found a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler—aka one of the best in the game. I used it and was so impressed by how much lift and curl it gave my lashes. Clearly, my lashes aren't the problem. I just don't treat them very well. If you're looking to open up your eyes, add dimension, and elevate your mascara, curlers are your best bet. They're also pretty underrated. 

Shu Uemura has the go-to curlers of makeup artists and most eyelash owners, but they're pretty impossible to find in the UK. But hope is not lost. Here are our top picks of the best eyelash curlers around.

The rounded, thick silicone pads (you get three refills) are where it's at for a defined curl. Designed to grasp every single lash, this will curl lashes without any irritation. It's a bestseller for a reason.

Eyelash curlers aren't the most exciting tools to look at, but this one is worthy of display. Most importantly, it's designed to suit all eye shapes. And the curl it gives? Next level.

If there's anyone you can trust with a makeup tool, it's MAC. So consider this your new makeup-bag staple—simple, effective, hard-working. 

This is the perfect match for straight lashes with a sturdy tool to keep every lash in its place without creasing them. It'll also look wonderful with the rest of your Nars goodies.

This beloved eyelash curler doesn't "bend and snap" (every day requires a Legally Blonde reference), but it certainly curls and lifts. Its army of fans will attest to its ability to work with every eye shape, too.

Talk about sleek. The handle game is strong on this one, and it makes a difference in how easy it is to use and gently pinch lashes. It's a must for longer lashes that are seeking a bold curl.

Eyelash curlers are not made equally. The way you can tell? A lot of them will crease your lashes or leave a giveaway crimp mark. Not a single person likes that, but luckily, with this one, you needn't worry. All you'll be left with is a false lash–looking curl without the hassle.

Oh, hello. That's what you'll be saying to your new eyelashes when they come up to greet you after you've used this. This curler is slightly wider to make sure that all eye shapes and sizes are catered to. You'll be wondering why you don't curl your eyelashes as often as you could when you try this.

Easy does it is the name of the game here, as your lashes won't be crimped into submission. Instead, the soft pad will give you the curl you've been trying to create with a mascara.  

With curved edges, slim handles, and silicone pads, this genius curler will make your lashes feel right at home. You'll probably find yourself skipping the mascara with this one.

Up next, the multitasking face cream that everyone with great skin uses. 

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