Don't Even Talk to Me About Any Other Shoes Besides These

I can appreciate that the world does not need to share the same taste in shoes as me, but there are some shoes I cannot abide. For starters, I have never been (and will never be) a "chunky sneakers" kind of girl. In fact, I'm more of a "feathers, glitter, diamanté and heels" kind of girl. That being said, I don't wear extravagant shoes every day (we all need our regular work shoes and boots, and I don't have a chauffeur-driven car, much to my disappointment). However, I am on high shoe alert, as party season is approaching. So right now I'm hunting down the best of the best.

Bettina Looney sharing a pair of strappy sandals from Italian brand Gedebe.

A few seasons ago, I remember some of the industry's most important buyers informing editors that consumers were showing more and more interest in OTT fancy footwear and elaborate eveningwear to match.

It has been some time since stilettos have been in fashion, and the idea of dressing up for a night out is often considered a tad passé (it's thought to be so much cooler to be "effortless"). But that tide is turning. I, for one, adore getting ready for an event with the opportunity to wear something that's wildly different from the daily workwear grind. Give me all the lamé, crystals and bows, and I'll be as happy as can be.

Nothing makes my heart flutter (or my online wish lists expand) quite like a wonderful pair of evening shoes. Why? Because they compliment a maximalist outfit or a regular jeans-and-cashmere sweater outfit. In fact, I've just invested in a pair of satin, bejewelled Marni T-bar shoes because they are ridiculously outré. I love that they have a small kitten heel, making them a practical party option.

Should you be a high-heel lover, this edit is for you. No flats. No sneakers. No boots. Nothing sensible or safe whatsoever. Shop my favourite evening shoes below…

The shoe gods are smiling upon me.

Yes, these come with anklet. Yes, that's another reason to buy them.

Satin is definitely a big part of the party scene of 2018.

When you want something a tad simpler, opt for strappies.

An unusual bit of decoration for an affordable brand.

These are the ones I bought. I went for the classic black because I knew I'd likely spill wine on these.

Leopard? Check. Cerise pink? Check. Good heel height for dancing? Check.

If you're very good at walking in heels…

A street style favourite and future classic.

If Marie Antoinette wore stilettos, she would have chosen these.

Snaking ankle straps are coming back from the '00s.

Probably the tamest pair here, but a really solid "go with everything" option.

The kind that will keep coming back into fashion.

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