I Think Every Chic Woman Should Own These 3 Types of Earrings

There's one thing that all fashion enthusiasts agree on—that accessories can make an outfit. That's why we're launching a monthly column, Successorise, charting the latest extras that stylish girls will want to know about. From the smart workwear add-ons that could seal the deal in the office to the most of-the-moment tweaks that can spin a basic outfit into a high-fashion trajectory, this is Who What Wear UK's regular guide to the most important accessorising rules to know now.

In the same way that every girl needs a little black dress or a perfect leather jacket, earrings have established a place in a woman's classic repertoire, and we aren't just talking about a simple pair of pearl studs. Few other accessories can have quite the instant impact on your audience: A subtle It bag may only be noticed by those in the know, a pair of bold heels can be tricky to wear 24/7, but a whacking-great pair of earrings? Well, everyone clocks them. They frame your face. They make every boring outfit suddenly feel that little bit brighter. That's why we're celebrating them for this month's Successorise feature.

Keep reading to see the three essential earring trends every well-dressed girl should be armed with—just in case.