Diane von Furstenberg's Best Quotes Ever to Inspire an Amazing 2015

If you’ve been watching the addictive House of DVF this year and following her life and career in general, you know that not only is Diane von Furstenberg the coolest lady alive, she’s an endless source of mind-blowing bits of wisdom—the kind of concise musings on life, humanity, and womanhood that make time stop as you consider the truth and impact of her brilliant words.

Yes, DVF possesses the rare, magical quality of being able to capture the most complicated aspects of life into sound bites that make you think she was born to give advice to women—in addition to designing a casual little thing called the wrap dress.

She’s like the best therapist, life coach, mum, friend, boss, and cool grandma ever, all rolled into one incredibly accomplished person with a distinguished career under her super-chic belt.

Whether you are feeling insecure, unsure of your job, or experiencing a breakup, the designer has a sage answer for everything. To inspire a stellar sendoff to 2014 and your best beginning to 2015, we put together the ultimate list of DVF’s greatest quotes. Do yourself a favour and give these quotes a read—we promise they are going to make you feel ready to kick butt in 2015.