The One Product All Busy Girls Need in Their Handbag

If you pour out the contents of my handbag on any given day, you're likely to find the following things: an array of lipsticks (all red), a couple of lip balms (again, tinted red), a good hand cream, a concealer that can double as a foundation for emergency touch-ups, many stray chewing gums that have escaped their packaging and, perhaps most importantly, dry shampoo.

Despite having pretty dry hair, I never leave the house without dry shampoo. Although my wavy strands don't need washing more than once or twice a week, having a fringe means I need to keep on top of things when I'm between washes. From the classic £3 Batiste to Oribe's cult Dry Texturizing Spray (an eye-watering £41), I've tried and loved many different dry shampoos over the years. But there's one that has made a permanent home in my bag: Styledry Dry Shampoo Compact Powder.

Keep scrolling to discover why it's my favourite dry shampoo of 2019 so far, and then shop the other best dry shampoos for keeping oily roots at bay.

Best Dry Shampoos: Pernille Rosenkilde wearing pink dress and beaded handbag



The brainchild of Evelien de Vries, Styledry was inspired by Evelien's twin sister, Annelie, who only ever washed her hair once a week and whose strands always looked shiny and bouncy. Evelien believed her sister's more pared-back washing routine was the key to her healthy hair, so she came up with a range of quick-fix products that would keep the hair looking its best for as long as possible—without having to revert to an every-other-day wash-and–blow-dry routine. There are three key products in the range: a turban shower cap to keep your hair dry and frizz-free while you're in the shower, blotting papers to pat away oil from your scalp when you're on the go and the dry shampoo compact powder (which is my favourite product from the collection and now a staple in my beauty routine).

Firstly, the thing I love most about the compact is that it's sleek, portable and has a mirror inside that's big enough to double as a makeup mirror if you're touching up your hair and your lipstick at the same time. The unique thing about this product is that it's the world's first compact dry shampoo. Unlike traditional dry shampoos that usually come in aerosol cans, this one is a compact powder (much like a face powder) and comes with an application brush that you use to dust it on.

It's free from parabens and sulphates, contains a UV protector so your hair and scalp will be protected from the sun, and is completely translucent so it won't show up on dark hair. To use it, just sweep the brush over the surface of the powder and then brush over oily roots or any part of your hair that needs de-slicking. The powder instantly absorbs excess oil without leaving behind any residue and imparts a soft orange blossom scent so your hair will smell great too. It's honestly so easy to use that I've whipped this out on the tube in the back of Ubers.



Unlike dry shampoos of the past, the new formulas are lightweight, leave behind no chalky residue and basically smell like a fancy hair salon. I personally tend to use one every other day when I'm not washing my hair (usually a spray can I spritz directly into my roots and massage in firmly with my fingertips before styling). I'll then use my dry shampoo compact for touch-ups when I'm on the go. To prevent my hair from looking dull, I'll use a clarifying shampoo once a week when I do a proper hair-wash to remove buildup. Keep scrolling to shop my favourite Styledry dry shampoo and others I've loved over the years.

The most innovative of dry shampoos. Greasy roots will disappear with the sweep of a brush.

Yes, it's expensive, but this dry shampoo meets texturising spray adds cool-girl texture to my hair like no other. I usually tip my head upside down and spray generously through the roots for serious volume.

At the opposite end of the price spectrum, we have Batiste, which is what I've been using since I discovered it at Reading Festival in 2005. It did wonders at disguising my greasy, beer-covered strands then and still works just as well now.

If you don't like the idea of using an aerosol, try R + Co's offering. This unique dry shampoo paste uses Japanese zeolite powder to absorb excess oil, and coconut, sunflower seed and argan oils to add texture. Just rub a pea-sized amount between your hands and massage into the roots of your hair.

Another aerosol-free option, tip a little of this purifying powder into your hands and work into the roots of your hair to refresh your style and add definition. I've found that the charcoal-based formula does a great job of purifying hair when you're in between washes.

This has to be one of the best-smelling—and looking—dry shampoos on the market. I've been known to use this Brooklyn-based haircare brand's formula for days at a time thanks to the way it makes you feel (truly, it makes your hair feel as though it has just been washed). It adds texture, shine and a fresh scent that I love.

I love Klorane's original formula of this gently dry shampoo, but this aerosol-free version is infinitely better for the environment. Give the bottle a squeeze to dispense a healthy mix of rice-starch powders infused with oat milk to soak up dirt and sebum while softening and protecting your hair and scalp.

I was sceptical before I gave this dry shampoo foam. It's basically like a magic mousse; you apply it in exactly the same way. The concept of applying a wet product to absorb the oil feels counterintuitive, but it really does work. It contains diatomaceous earth which dissolves oil and grime. Just massage it in for about 60 seconds until your hair is dry and grease-free.

At a previous job, we road tested this very dry shampoo to see how long it was possible to go without washing your hair the traditional way. Someone made it to two weeks thanks to this lightweight spray. Enough said.

Like micellar water for your hair, this spritz suspends cleansing powder in micellar molecules to absorb oil and actually clean your hair. Completely transparent, you spray this into the roots of your hair and follow by blow-drying your hair or leaving it to air-dry. A little more wait time than your average dry shampoo, but I definitely think it delivers on that squeaky-clean feeling.