Some Dresses Don't Work With Tights, But These 15 Definitely Do

As it gets cooler, the option of bare legs gets further away. But that doesn't stop us reaching for a dress (oh, no). There are so many amazing styles out there that you might own already, or fancy investing in, that can work just as well with tights as they have done all summer long sans hosiery. You don't have to suddenly dive into dark prints only or knitted jumper dresses when you want to put your trusty 40-deniers on.

Many dresses are more versatile than you think. Pick the right dress, and you can wear it with super-fine or fishnet tights or a snuggly thermal pair of Marks and Spencer tights once the cold weather firmly kicks in. Oh, and we can't forget polka-dot patterns and coloured styles (which no longer are just for kids party looks, FYI). 

Here at Who What Wear UK, we believe there are many kinds of dresses that can be worn with tights all winter long. After all, adding hosiery can actually be the cherry on the cake. But we have a few pointers to share. 

 Opening Image: Collage Vintage

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.