From VB to OP, These Have Been Summer's Best Dressed A-Listers

Can you believe September is here? Boots and coats are in stores, fashion week schedules are being typed up (slash freaked out over) and we've got that back-to-school feeling despite the fact that the leaves definitely haven't yet turned and, well, we haven't been in school for a long time. So we're in a reflective mood today, and our thoughts have turned to which of our most featured girls has really made the summer swell with their impressive sartorial know-how.

We've had strange and spontaneous heatwave days, torrential rain, holidays, Haute Couture Week, film festivals, worldwide tours… in short, plenty of opportunities for our favourite ladies to flex their fashion muscles. They've inspired us to try new trends just as much as they've encouraged us to delve into our wardrobes for something old. 

So we've waded through the many pieces we've penned in honour of their style greatness over the past few months to bring you the edited version of who's who and what's what. Keep reading to see which women scoop up our accolades for summer's best dressed celebrities of 2016—and why.