5 Important Trends You Can Easily DIY This Weekend—Honest

You may not have picked up a glue gun since your GCSE art lessons, but believe us when we say it’s going to be worth getting in touch with your crafty side this season. Many key trends for spring stem from traditional textile techniques, and can be re-created easily—trust us.

Essentially, if you head to your local haberdashery, you’ll see the detail trends of S/S 18 lined up—gingham trims, silver studs, gem embellishments, embroidered patches and more. Whilst we’re not suggesting Karl Lagerfeld is a regular at Hobbycraft, we’re pretty lucky as British haberdasheries have some serious sewing swag on offer, and they offer a budget-friendly way to update your existing garms.

You may just surprise yourself by how much you can make with little to no skills needed. These projects are craft-virgin friendly (no sewing knowledge required), and we’ve even provided inspirational images to get your ideas flowing. Customisation is the way to a “where did you get that?” outfit.

We know they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but we’ve mixed these ideas up from their designer counterparts—after all we want to take inspiration from, not plagiarise. Remember Sex and The City’s fake Fendi moment? Yep, let’s avoid that. Things go awry when people try to copy designs, so focus more on giving your pieces an inspired but unique twist.

So Google-Map your local haberdashery now. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry—eBay and Amazon are full of affordable craft supplies.