6 Sunglasses That Are Really Worth Spending Extra On

Best designer sunglasses:



The sun has made a much-anticipated appearance this week, meaning we can finally do our winter-to-summer switchover. No item signals the arrival of sunshine quite like a pair of sunglasses, and this year’s trends really are the finishing touch to any outfit. From ultra classic styles to ’70s squares, there is no shortage of wonderful frames to choose from.

Investing in an expensive pair of sunglasses can be a big commitment, especially if, like I do, you have a habit of losing or sitting on your precious shades. However, when I have bought expensive sunglasses, I have not only treated them with extreme care but also been sure to select shades that I will be excited to wear every day for years to come.

If you've decided to treat yourself to a designer pair of sunglasses, the next question is which to go for? Below, I have listed six designer brands that I think are worth spending a little extra on and that all create truly “wow” frames year after year. Gucci’s square and rectangular sunglasses with interlocking double-G logos are arguably the most popular sunglasses of the year, worn by the likes of Lizzo and Harry Styles. Linda Farrow and Celine are my go-tos for simple, elegant designs. While if you’re looking for something fabulous and retro, Chloé does the most amazing oversized ’70s circular sunglasses. Keep scrolling to see the six sunglasses brands I think are worth spending a little extra on. 

1. Gucci

2. Linda Farrow

3. Celine

4. Loewe

5. Bottega Veneta

6. Chloé

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