These Are the Designer Items That Are Best to Buy Second-Hand

Whether you're an avid observer of street style or simply like to scroll through Instagram for all your outfit inspiration, there's no doubting the fact that each year, a number of trends emerge when it comes to designer items. 

From Gucci's Marmont crossbody bag to Bottega Veneta's enviably cool pouch clutch or Jacquemus's Le Chiquito, certain items develop a cult-like status amongst fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Though, cult status aside, you might be asking yourself which brands actually hold their value? Or which brands are the most in-demand when it comes to resale? 

Well, thanks to Vestiaire Collective, we just might have the answers, as the designer resale site has compiled some statistics to let us know which brands are the most popular and which ones are on the rise. 

Best Designer Resale Items: Vestiaire Collective


The Style Stalker

According to Vestiaire Collective, Gucci continues to be the golden child of the resale market, as the brand came out on top as the best-selling on Vestiaire for 2019. What's more is the brand actually grew an impressive 39% year on year in terms of sales volume. Open for Vintage, another vintage luxury resale site, also saw an increase in demand for Gucci. As the brand explained, at the beginning of the year, Gucci accounted for 1.4% of overall sales on the site. However, it ended the year making up around 13% of total sales.

Aside from Alessandro Michele's obvious success with Gucci, according to Vestiaire, Dior also saw a 40% year-on-year growth in sales volume, while Prada's sales also increased by 39% year on year.

In terms of emerging brands, Ralph Lauren had the highest growth rate with a staggering 234% sales increase year on year on Vestiaire, while influencer-favourite Ganni followed closely behind with a 189% year-on-year sales increase.

So whether you're choosing to purchase from the resale market or plan to buy your items new with the thought of reselling in the future, according to Vestiaire, the four brands below are definitely a good investment.



Ralph Lauren


This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next up, the biggest autumn 2021 fashion trends to know. 

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