11 Brands Our Editors Turn to for the Prettiest Lingerie

There's nothing that says you can't buy yourself gorgeous lingerie. There's no rule that demands a partner has to gift it to you, or that it has to be on a special occasion. If we want to buy ourselves lingerie on, say, a Tuesday, then that's absolutely fine. But if you're not sure which brands to look to for, then allow us to help you. We've got a list of 11 of the best lingerie brands that cover knickers, bras, bodysuits, shapewear and camis that will make you feel great.

best designer lingerie: jeanne damas



So which ones make the cut? The criteria aren't exactly strict, but each brand has to make underwear that is as functional as it is chic. Some designers, such as Simone Pérèle, are more for the bold with bright reds and greens but others are awash with delicate pastels and muted pinks (we suggest Love Stories). We've also included a cheeky shapewear offering via Heist, because you who said that sucking-in pants have to be unflattering?

While the prices can be high for some of the brands, rest assured there are some more affordable designer pieces too. Keep scrolling for the 11 brands we always turn to for the prettiest lingerie.

1. Simon Pérèle

2. Maison Lejaby

3. Chantelle

4. Coco De Mer

5. Love Stories

6. La Perla

7. Agent Provocateur

8. Heist

9. Anine Bing

10. Le Petite Trou

11. Araks

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