Treat Yourself: The Best 9 Designer Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

Best Designer Lingerie


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There's nothing that says you can't buy yourself gorgeous designer lingerie. There's no rule that demands a partner has to gift it to you, or that it has to be on a special occasion. In celebration of the fact that we're independent women with our own bank accounts, if we want to buy ourselves lingerie on, say, a Tuesday, then that's absolutely fine. But if you're not sure which brands to look to for, then allow us to help you. We've got a list of nine of the best luxury lingerie brands that cover knickers, bras, bodysuits, camis and everything else you might want, that will make you feel utterly fabulous and a bit sassy. Keep scrolling for our picks.

What's it best for: Simple but chic knickers

What's it best for: Sophisticated boudoir pieces

What's it best for: More adventurous pieces

Time to treat yourself.