5 Iconic Jewellery Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Jewellery is a window into one's soul, or so the idea goes. From dainty layering pieces to statement cocktail rings, the same piece can look completely different depending on the individual wearing it. As such, iconic pieces have developed over the years, and everyone speaks the same language about them: They are status-making, outfit-changing, conversation-starting and eternally on-trend. A particular bracelet can mark a momentous occasion, but it will continue to garner nods from those in-the-know types forever more. A classic jewellery purchase can be handed down as an heirloom or styled up to look just as current as that medallion necklace trend you're buying into right now.

From Bulgari to Chanel, these fashion houses have created some of the most recognizable pieces of jewellery of all time. These dreamy pieces of designer jewellery have helped these luxury brands become household names and have become something of a status symbol in the fashion world.

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