After Vetements: The Other Designer Jeans Fashion Girls Love

It's rather unlikely that the fervent fashion love for Vetement's re-tooled jeans is going to fade out anytime soon, but since their styles hit the big time, and perhaps because the demand has been so high, we've noticed other options of a similar deconstructed/reconstructed spirit quietly but steadily gathering momentum. And who are we to deny you a full shopping spectrum of the best designer jeans?

So if you haven't found your one true denim love yet (or you just need an excuse for a jean-related refresh), the solution may well be snuggled among these styles and brands that are new to the scene. From Frame's ingenious Le Mix (a jagged-hemmed patchwork straight-leg style, upcycled from returned denim pieces and favoured by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Joan Smalls) to a burgeoning French label called Y/Project (that is crafting the coolest, and perhaps most adventurous, wide-leg styles in the marketplace), this is a hotbed of tomorrow's denim must-haves.

Scroll down to see the coolest and best designer jeans that are now in town…