6 Fashion Insiders Reveal the Best Jeans They've Ever Bought

To proclaim “these are the best jeans I’ve ever bought” is almost on a par with discovering the holy grail or finding a way to not press snooze every morning. I still haven’t found my ultimate pair—and you can imagine how often I meet different designers, trial brands and go shopping. For all the millions and trillions of denim creations out there, uncovering the dream ticket,—that style that fits you perfectly, and stays perfect, wash-after-wash, year-after-year, trend-after-trend—is nothing short of a miracle.

Which is why for Who What Wear UK’s Denim Week we wanted to grill a select group of trusted arbiters on how they met their best denim friend (because really, no person can emotionally support you in quite the same way a pert butt can) in order to get you one step closer to the end goal. From the perfect silhouette a British Vogue editor still mourns from her teenage years through to the reworked vintage style Whitney Port can’t get enough of, scroll down to see and shop the fashion elite’s favourite jeans of all time—and remember, this denim is for life, not just for spring 2016.

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans you'd never give up? Let us know in the comments box below…