Where We Keep Going Back to for Our Forever Jeans

While we might scour multiple high-street stores in search of the perfect winter coat or pledge our allegiance to a number of different It-bag brands, when it comes to jeans, we tend to couple up for life. Despite the fact that no one likes shopping for them (how do they manage to spark insecurity like no other item of clothing?), it's worth the hunt, as once you've found The One, there's no turning back.

The holy grail of good jeans lies somewhere in the middle of a Venn diagram covering fit, silhouette, comfort and, inevitably, cost. It's rare to tick all the boxes, however, every season the high street seems to get better at recognising the needs of the masses by creating fashion-forward fits in technical, figure-flattering fabrics. The mythical perfect pair is no longer out of reach.

As a team of prolific shoppers, here at Who What Wear UK, we've developed a pretty good sense of where to find the best jeans. To get the intel, we grilled four members of the team to find out what brands they return to again and again. Interestingly, everyone opted for a high-street label; however, within this, there is a wide range of opinions and tastes. Scroll down to see what they said.

Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Associate Social Media Editor

Best denim brands: Isabel Mundigo-Moore wearing COS jeans


Hannah Almassi

"I didn't really love jeans until I discovered the denim at COS. It has interesting shapes and lengths, and I find the fit and fabric to be just what I like. I have a baggy boyfriend pair in a dark wash, but I also love its white jeans, as they're not see-through and not too thick."

Luisa Orlandi, Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Best denim brands: Luisa Orlandi wearing Mango jeans


Luisa Orlandi for Who What Wear

"I'm similar to most people in that I despise shopping for jeans IRL, so it's online all the way for me. Mango has been my go-to for a couple of years now. Firstly, its jeans sizing is in regular (8, 10, 12, etc.), which is perfect, as I still have no idea what my actual waist and leg measurements are. Secondly, it keeps its categories simple: skinny, flared, straight, relaxed, so there's no chance of me being drawn into a denim hole. Finally, I love the way they're styled on site, which usually means I end up buying not just the jeans but the whole outfit."

"A self-confessed trouser-phobe, I didn’t even own a pair of jeans up until about five years ago. This was mainly due to the fact getting dressed was significantly more difficult without having them in the equation. So I went on the hunt for my perfect pair, and what better style to initiate me into the denim way of life than Topshop’s iconic Jamie jeans?

“While skinnies are no longer my stride style of choice, I’m still loyal to Topshop’s denim department—specifically, its straight-leg jeans. They may not have a moniker, but they’re the most flattering jeans I’ve worn. The high waistline cinches in my smallest point whilst the straight-leg cut helps keep my curvy hips and thighs in-proportion. Throw in a 28-inch length and five key colourways, and I’m set for life." 

Joy Montgomery, Acting Assistant Editor

Best denim brands: Joy Montgomery wearing Zara jeans


Isabel Mundigo-Moore

Despite being a loyal follower of Topshop denim for many years, I’ve recently discovered the variety and flattering cuts of high-street fave Zara. I tend to shop online, as it can be tricky to find the same selection in-store; however, once you’ve established the right sizing (always a little tricky, so I’d order a few in different sizes) and found your favourite fit, you’re sorted.

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