From Zara to Diptyque, These Cosy Autumn Candles Are Editor Approved

With Halloween knocking, 2022 has officially reached peak autumn. The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and the knits are out. And while we all love to have a little moan about the weather, the truth is, I sort of love autumn and all that comes with it—most notably snuggling up in front of Netflix and lighting a cosy candle.

Yep, I revel in the self-care and personal indulgence that take place during the short period of time between now and the moment I have to start thinking seriously about Christmas shopping. Instead of spending my money on going-out makeup and evening perfumes, I like to use this time to invest in my own headspace by treating myself to a particularly cosy candle—the sort that makes you want to snuggle up in a blanket and stay indoors forever. And after liaising with team Who What Wear over the matter, I can confirm I am not alone, with many of my fellow editors agreeing that this time of year calls for a cosy candle or two. If you can relate even a little bit, keep scrolling for the 15 best cosy candles that come Who What Wear approved.

1. Jo Loves Log Fires

Who What Wear editor in chief Hannah Almassi says this candle is her absolute go-to come cosy season. "If your home is lacking in the snuggly textiles department, you don't have a big shaggy dog or lumberjack to cuddle up to, or perhaps you'd just really like a fireplace instead of radiators, this is the cosy candle for you! It's my ultimate winter choice, conjuring up the warmest of environments, and I'm very sad mine is all used up for now. Maybe someone will get it as a Christmas gift for me (hint, hint)," she says.

2. Jo Malone London White Moss & Snowdrop

I have adored this scent for years. It was when the limited-edition Christmas perfume first launched a few years ago that my obsession with White Moss & Snowdrop began, and it's become my favourite perfume of all time. This year, Jo Malone London has released it in a candle, and I'm going to be burning it in every room. Like woodland moss, sparkling snow, crunchy leaves and autumn sunshine, it's one of the most comforting and cosy scents I have ever (and probably will ever) come across.

3. Zara Ebony Wood Candle

Created by fragrance pioneer Jo Malone CBE for Zara, this candle has remained a firm cosy favourite of mine for a few years now. I first started burning it during the autumn lockdown of 2020 and I basically never stopped. Like crackling wood, a smoky fireplace and a pair of old, leather armchairs, it's the epitome of autumn and winter cosiness.

4. Evermore London Moon Candle

I've taken a particularly fond liking to this candle in the run-up to Halloween. It's a little bit rosy, which makes it powdery and soft, but the smoky base of vetiver and cade mingled with a spicy hit of saffron makes it the ultimate cosy burn. It's the sort of candle that makes you want to stick on Hocus Pocus and watch fireworks out of the window.

5. Nest Holiday Three-Wick Candle

You'll have to forgive me for mentioning Christmas quite so soon, but a part of me kind of knew that when I reached out to the Who What Wear editors, someone was going to mention this candle. It wouldn't make sense for it not to appear on a cosy candle roundup. And of course, Remy Farrell, Who What Wear's shopping editor, chose it as her number-one pick. She said, "I love lighting candles all year round, but there's nothing more welcoming than a spiced fragrance in winter, especially after coming in from the cold. I have a Nest candle and reed diffuser in just about every room in the house. (Velvet pear is a must if you're looking for something fresh and clean.) But as the evenings get darker, I'm looking forward to lighting the wick on the latest holiday fragrance and planning my Christmas shopping."

6. Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Candle

What says autumn better than a forest-themed candle? Aromatherapy Associates has finally released its cult Forest Therapy scent in a candle—and just in time for cosy season. It's green and woody to clear the senses, but it also has a spa-like element to it that will put you in a state of zen that lasts for hours.

7. La Montaña Cloudburst

I've never met a La Montaña candle I didn't like, and I don't think you will, either. I'm a beauty editor who's tried basically every candle under the sun, so trust me when I say these are the best out there. They're all beautifully cosy, but most impressive is just how well they fill a room. They're so good, in fact, that despite my 30-strong candle stash (most of which are press samples), I buy one of these at the start of every season. This autumn, I'm burning Cloudburst. It's fresh, earthy and rain-like, and it makes you want to stay inside all-day long.

8. Beauty Pie Chocolat

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As someone who isn't particularly fond of sweet scents, I couldn't believe just how much I loved this candle when I first smelled it. Imagine melting vanilla, hazelnut, creamy milk chocolate and a hefty dose of sugar together in a saucepan, cranking up the heat and stirring it all up—that's Chocolat.

9. Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

If you thought cosy candles had to be woody or sweet, you'd be wrong. Case in point: Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Margiela. Like a crisp cotton shirt and freshly washed bed sheets, it's a cosy delight. Managing editor Poppy Nash says, "As the name might suggest, this candle is the perfect addition to a lazy Sunday spent at home. It instantly makes me feel relaxed thanks to its soft top notes of lily and white musk while the warming middle notes of iris and ambrette seeds add the cosy element. I love lighting mine on a cold weekend evening, ideally post–Sunday roast and bath, to help me wind down and get ready for the week ahead."

10. Boy Smells Hinoki Fantôme

If you like the smell of fresh wood and log fires, add this one to your wish list right now. First of all, it's massive and will burn for hours on end. Secondly, it looks very, very cool. Lastly, it smells absolutely divine. With resin, hinoki, cardamom, moss and guiac, it's like snuggling up in front of a crackling fire but with a freshness to it that keeps it light on the nose.

11. Trudon Cire Classic

I know, I know—this one is a major splurge, but it would be a shame to look past its beauty. A favourite amongst celebs and editors alike, this cult candle is a true cosy masterpiece. It's honied, spicy and woody all at once while smelling unequivocally expensive. Burning it for just a few minutes will have you wanting to put on your finest cashmere jumper just to lounge around the house in.

12. Diptyque Figuier

As a note, fig is a cosy autumn classic, and including this candle from Diptyque on this list was an absolute no-brainer. In fact, most editors (myself and Poppy included) would say this candle is the epitome of comfort. A little bit fruity but mostly milky and warming, it brings a sense of tranquility to every room it burns in.

13. To the Fairest Élan Vital

A new fragrance name on the scene, To the Fairest is a brand that knows a thing or two about cosiness. Almost all of its scents reach out to me come October. It's this particular scent, though, that stands out the most. With vetiver at the centre, it's earthy, crisp and totally wonderful. The brand describes it as "rich in autumnal, forest-floor notes," and that just about sums it up.

15. Carrière Frères Cupressus

One of the only brands I have found to rival La Montaña in aroma intensity is Carrière Frères, and this cypress candle is a personal favourite. It makes for the perfect burn after November 5, when Bonfire Night celebrations are out of the way and you're getting in the mood for Christmas. It's like walking through a Christmas-tree farm while the trees are still planted—fresh, sense-clearing and undeniably cosy.