The Pretty Spring Trend You Can Wear Now Without Risk of Freezing

If the catwalks are anything to go by, it looks like this year is set to be exceptionally strong in the fashion stakes. Of course, there are some trends we've come to expect like clockwork (here's looking at you, florals), and although that doesn't dampen their appeal, we often find ourselves yearning for a fresh sartorial movement. That's where 2020 comes in, as luckily for us, there are countless new trends to try!

The '90s are still just as prevalent as they were last year but, in lieu of cycling shorts and scrunchies, the decade as adopted a chicer guise. Joining it, however, is the likes of waistcoats, heeled thong sandals and the return of the long-forgotten racer-back vest—all of which we haven't seen on the style circuit for years. However, of them all, there's one trend I'm looking forward to trying above all else: coloured leather.

"Leather was one of the key fabrics for A/W 19, and this is continuing into summer, showing that the boundaries between seasons are becoming much less defined," reveals Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear's editorial director. "This isn't your typical summer trend, however; designers have played with lighter shades and lightweight leathers, and items like Bermuda shorts are coming in leather (we can thank Bottega Veneta for that one). Moda Operandi has seen an 85% increase in leather sales for S/S 20."

Turns out that I'm not the only one who's welcoming the coloured leather trend with open arms. Already, some of Instagram's elite dressers are donning it in every hue you can think of. If you too are tempted to go technicolour with your leather, keep scrolling to see how the coolest girls are currently wearing it, then proceed to shop my favourite pieces below.

Best Coloured Leather Pieces: @nnennaechem wears a bright yellow coat



Nnenna matches her gorgeous Saks Potts coat with a pair of equally bright yellow boots. 

Hanna pays homage to Legally Blonde in this pink leather two-piece. 

Best Coloured Leather Pieces: @vanessahong wears a green leather coat



Vanessa takes the muted approach with a khaki leather trench. 

Best Coloured Leather Pieces: @emilisindlev wears a bright leather coat



We love how Emili clashes her cobalt blue leather coat with yellow floral trousers. 

Alyssa carries the trend into summer in the form of Bermuda shorts. 


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