The 6 Best Colours For The Girl Who Always Wears Black

Confession: Seventy per cent of the pieces in my closet are black. Call it conservative, call it lacklustre—I’ve heard it all, really—but it’s how I shop and it’s what I love to wear. To me, there’s nothing cooler than stepping out in a T-shirt, jeans, moto jacket, and boots, all in my favourite non-hue.

So what about the rest of my wardrobe? Another 20 per cent is made up of jeans, white T-shirts, neutrals, and one-off party clothes that rarely see the outside of my closet, while the remaining 10 per cent is the exception to the black rule. This includes really special pieces that either didn’t come in black (like my favourite Rebecca Minkoff jumpsuit), or non-black items that I was simply drawn to.

While the pieces that make up this 10 per cent are pretty random (think: a camel suede cross-body bag, burgundy moto jacket, and navy blue shredded T-shirt), they’re almost all limited to one of six colours: blush, camel, olive, burgundy, mustard and navy blue. Like black, these hues have a classic and understated quality—plus, they’re easy to mix and match with black and other neutrals. And unlike, say, a bright red or a pastel blue, you feel like these pieces can be repeated in an under-the-radar way, similar to how you can get away with wearing the same black coat every other day.

If, like me, you find yourself always gravitating towards black, click through to discover (and shop!) the six shades that may just make you change your ways.