Flashback Friday: This Olsen Twin Trend Is Making a Comeback

So you've heard the saying about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, but it turns out the world looks pretty great through yellow and blue lenses too. Left and right we're seeing celebs and style stars alike adopting sunglasses with lenses that go above and beyond basic black. Our first thought is that it immediately reminds us of the pink and blue lenses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore during their Billboard Dad days (sure). But in 2016, the look is just a little different.

While for some, the look is meant to add a certain element of irony and irreverence to an ensemble (a concept perfected by Vetements), as the style's popularity has grown, it's no longer feeling quite so off-kilter. In fact, we're betting you can make the right pair work with just about any ensemble.

To convince you of such, we rounded up a handful of our favourite inspiration shots of late, each of which will prove that a vibrant pair of sunglasses is exactly the style you need to finish out the sunny summer in style. Ready for things to get colourful?

Read on to see and shop coloured sunglass trend.