The Best Colour Shoes to Wear With Every Outfit

Ever wondered which colour shoe suits the clothes in your wardrobe? We've devised a quick, easy guide to wearing every colour of the shoe rainbow. We'll assume you know the most basic rule of thumb: If your outfit has a colour in it, your footwear can be any shade of that colour. However, for more advanced tips, read on. Your black pumps with the cracked soles and ground-down heels will thank you. From red (the most universally flattering colour, just FYI) to blues, greens and metallics, there are plenty of outfit ideas to help.

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Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Red


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Goes Best With: Pink, orange, black and white, neutrals, navy blue.

Pro Tips: Red shoes are a great way to spice up a casual outfit, but avoid pairing them with a racy ensemble. They offer enough sizzle factor on their own. And you don't have to stay away from monochrome (red on red isn't necessarily overkill).

Wear with pink for the chicest colour combo right now.

Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Green


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Goes Best With: Brown, black, blue, neutrals, yellow.

Pro Tip: Green shoes are surprisingly versatile. Just try to keep red and orange out of the equation, lest you want to look like Mrs. Claus or a pumpkin, respectively.

Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Blue


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Goes Best With: Yellow, neutrals, brown, white.

Pro Tips: Skinny jeans with a pair of blue shoes a shade lighter or darker than the denim is a no-fail look. It's also worth noting that navy is like black's punchier cousin; it adds a bit of colour, but at minimum risk. 

Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Orange


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Goes Best With: Blue, white, earth tones, red, yellow.

Pro Tip: Avoid bold greens and purples (trust us, it's like the fashion equivalent of wearing too much makeup). Orange shoes look great with tawny neutrals, tans and beiges—they provide a warm canvas from which the orange can really pop. If you're wearing lighter shades, mix with some brown accessories for a cool '70s boho vibe.

We've been obsessing over these from Manolo Blahnik for a long time. 

Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Metallic


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Goes Best With: White, red, purple, neutrals, indigo, black (for silver). Black, red, white, emerald, royal blue, burgundy (for gold).

Pro Tips: Whether you opt for silver or gold shoes, you want to wear an outfit that lets them, erm, shine. Try matching your bag to your outfit instead of your shoes—one metallic piece is enough.

Best colour shoes to wear with every outfit: Purple


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Goes Best With: Neutrals, navy, pink, green.

Pro Tips: A surprisingly chic combination? Purple and grey. Try a pair of violet pumps with a purple skirt and a yellow scarf. Voilà: purple perfection.

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