8 Pieces Later, and You've Got the Perfect Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe

"Hate" is a strong word, which is why I never use it lightly. In fact, there are only two instances that I can say it with conviction: One is regarding bananas (personally, I'll never understand how anyone can eat them). The other? Being cold. I hate being cold. However, one thing I do like is dressing for the cold.

Curating an outfit for subzero conditions is often regarded as one of the biggest fashion dilemmas going. However, with a bit of advice from yours truly, you take on the elements with all the knack of a pro snowboarder but with all the sartorial prowess of a pro street styler.

Be it a cable knit, a roll-neck or one of Zara's latest hits, jumpers are a winter-style given. Keep scrolling to see the unexpected but also the best cold-weather clothing I swear by. How do I know? Because I live in Scotland, and I pull these items out of hibernation every year as soon as the centigrade drops.


Best Cold Weather Clothing: @_jessicaskye wears a padded coat



As far as we're concerned, the risk of winding up looking like the Michelin Man is a risk worth taking in the pursuit of warmth in winter. But with the fashion seal of approval, you can now pop on a padded coat with newfound pride.


Best Cold Weather Clothing: Opt for an insulating all-in-one



An all-in-one is extremely effective at keeping the heat, but more importantly, it's great at keeping the chill out. What's even better is that the current trick du jour is to layer them with roll-necks. Even toastier.

Best Cold Weather Clothing: @emmanuellek_ wears a pair of leather trousers



We all remember the episode of Friends where Ross gets too hot in his leather pants, so he takes them off, only to find that they won't pull back on. Amongst the hilarity, there's an element of truth: Leather keeps you warm. Make like Alexa Chung and invest in pair of leather trousers, stat. 


Best Cold Weather Clothing: @chainkyr wears an on-trend knitted vest



We all have those coats that are too tailored to wear chunky knitwear under. The solution? A knitted vest; and this year, there are plenty of incredibly chic iterations to be had. 


Best Cold Weather Clothing: Invest in a knitted midi stat


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

As I said, jumpers are a cold-weather given, but jumper dresses? Previously they were less commonplace but, this season, they're all the sartorial rage. Choose a midi style for maximum warmth.

Best Cold Weather Clothing: @monikh wears a flannel shirt



Thick, flannel shirting is one of the top trends of the season and, handily, is incredibly toasty, too. We love how influencer Monikh Dale wears her open overtop a simple tee and with knitted joggers for a comfy at-home ensemble. 


Best Cold Weather Clothing: Use a jumbo scarf as an additional layer



Okay, so not quite Lenny Kravitz–scarf proportions, but these knitted beauties are still pretty supersized. Wear sling over your shoulder, belted in place over your coat, or simply lie on the ground and roll yourself into a very chic cocoon.


It's not often that the latest It shoes are also ones you could actually wear in a snowstorm, so I'm elated that chunky boots (usually found with rubberised soles) are on winter's style index. Seek out styles that sit above the ankle to ensure there's zero risk of drafts. 

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