Now That It's Bare-Ankle Season, I Can't Stop Thinking About These Sandals

Best Chunky Flip Flops: @_jessicaskye



It has just dawned on me that this week marks the first time this year that I've stepped out of the house in shoes without socks on. Granted, I was wearing loafers, but being able to leave the comfort of cosy central heating sans socks and not immediately freeze was (and remains) the most exciting thing to happen to me in a long while. The frivolity of bare ankles soon led me to start thinking about an upcoming purchase I'm planning on making.

For the past couple of years—including 2020 if you're choosing to observe it—chunky sandals have dominated. There are a couple of key styles we can pin this on: Chanel's double-Velcro-strap quilted flats and The Row's cult Ginza chunky flip-flops. Now, I've thought it through, and I've decided that chunky flip-flops are more my forte out of the two. Why? There's just something about their minimal aesthetic and '90s appeal that I can't shake.

Like all It items, The Row's Ginza sandals have sparked a chunky-flip-flop revolution. Now, both the high-end and high-street shopping circuits have countless versions to choose from. And seeing as I'm already looking for the pair I want to invest in, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the contenders. Scroll below to see how influencers are styling their pairs, and then continue to shop my edit of the best chunky flip-flops to buy now in preparation for summer.

Best Chunky Flip Flops: @handinfire


Best Chunky Flip Flops: @monikh


Best Chunky Flip Flops: @smythsisters


Best Chunky Flip Flops: @tylynnnguyen




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