The Long-Forgotten Jewellery Trend Fashion People Have Just Rediscovered

For the longest time, dainty layering pieces have ruled the jewellery scene. Everything from rings and necklaces and even earrings have been given the stacked treatment, with delicate chains, minimal bands and simple studs becoming best sellers for many brands. However, we think the tide is about to shift, as we're seeing more and more of our fashion friends embracing chunky, more playful jewellery once more—specifically chunky bangles.

Best Chunky Bracelets: @monikh wears chunky wooden bangles



Perhaps it's the fact many of us are no longer based in an office, where the clattering of a chunky bracelet as we type would be a distraction to our colleagues, but lately, we've seen more and more chunky bracelets cropping up. As well as gracing the wrists of those in the know, they're flooding various new-in sections. From Bottega Veneta's leather-braided bangle to Paco Rabanne's oversized pearl charms, chunky bracelets are incredibly prevalent on the designer circuit right now and have the power to transform just about any outfit you can think of pairing them with this summer

Best Chunky Bracelets: @ch.phr8ph wears chunky pearl bracelets



Still, you needn't spend a fortune to get in on the action—as well as Zara and Anthropologie, both of which are spearheading the chunky-bracelet trend on the high street, this is a look perhaps best replicated with vintage pieces. Etsy boasts a treasure trove of pre-loved chunky bracelets from various eras, and we're sure your local charity shop will be stocked with them, too.

Pile them up and wear them with a retro-print dress, just like Monikh Dale did, or pair them with equally thick rings in the style of Chinda Phraph. Or go all-out statement with a logo-emblazoned cuff akin to that of Bettina Looney. However you choose to wear one, we've found the best chunky bangles to upgrade your wares.