I Really Hate Christmas Jumpers—But I'd Actually Wear These 22

I promise my middle name isn't Ebenezer, but I have to admit something: I really hate Christmas jumpers. The main reason being that they're usually so clearly meant for just a couple of days—you won't wear it beyond the pub on Christmas Eve and after lunch on Christmas day when it will be too tight and too warm. They are, essentially, fast fashion churned out to make us all look a bit silly, and honestly, I just don't want to wear a jumper with a snowman or Rudolph on the front. But there is a way to melt my cold fashion heart when it comes to festive knitwear: Make it chic, and I'll wear it from now until the 12th day of Christmas. 

Crucially, there is a strict set of criteria that a piece of knitwear needs to meet for me to deem it festively chic. Firstly, there can be no cartoon characters or anything gimmicky on the front. I'm also not a fan of slogans or lines from festive-themed films (Kevin McCallister, I do mean you). Secondly, it needs to look like something you'd also wear for the rest of the year: If you can imagine throwing it over your favourite dress during the summer, then it's a winner. Finally, to ensure it's a bit festive, it should be either a Fair Isle knit, laced with some sparkle, or delightfully bejewelled. In terms of colours, anything goes, but when it comes to red and green, make sure these are simpler so it doesn't appear too much like a Christmas tree decoration. I know I'm a tough one to please, but you'll be pleasantly surprised to know I managed to find 22 jumpers I'd be more than happy to wear. Merry Christmas, everyone. 

Next up, the party shoes that will get you so many compliments this season. 

Opening Image: @lisa.aiken

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