32 Decorations If You're Counting Down the Days to Put Up Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas festivities, there tend to be two distinct camps of people: those who play Mariah Carey on repeat starting in September and those who don't want to hear the "C-word" until Advent. This year, those in the former want some festive cheer earlier than ever. It's admittedly too early to put up a tree just yet, but we can get into the spirit by doing some holiday shopping.

So if you're ready to tuck into mince pies and start watching Home Alone, keep scrolling to see the chicest Christmas decorations I've found that are so beautiful you'll want to put them up already. And with rapid delivery times on many of these items, you could turn your bedroom into a chic ski lodge in no time. And you'll get absolutely no judgment from me. If you like to have a subtler approach to festivities, I've also included more elegant touches to add to your home, such as Jo Malone winter candles and red linens.

Best Christmas decorations: Jessica Skye Christmas tree



So put on that Mariah for the next five minutes, and then keep scrolling for ideas for how to turn your home into your own stylish grotto this year.

For the Tree

Of course Arket creates the chicest decs.

I think I'm going to cover my tree in these.

I had to include some more Arket decorations.

For Around the House

For a subtler take on decorations.

A bar cart counts as decoration, right? An essential for a Christmas at home.

For the Table

This would look amazing with a rustic wooden dining table.

One of my favourite candles to burn at this time of year.

Jo Malone crackers will make any table setting so much better.

For all those Christmas nibbles. 

Not technically festive, but we'll take any opportunity to buy this.

This independent candle brand is one of our favourites.

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