26 Checked Dresses We're Certain You'll Love This Spring

The way we dress is always reflective of our surroundings, which explains the urge most of us have to wear florals in spring—we're channelling the flowers blossoming around us into our outfits. Brands, be they high-end or high street, are all too happy to cater to this sartorial mirroring. Right now, in any and every new-in section, you're sure to find a plethora of petal-adorned pieces just waiting to sell out.

Still, regardless of how pretty the motif may be, the saying "too much of a good thing" exists for a reason. When you've already got a closet full of floral prints (we know we have), you'd be forgiven for wanting to spend your money on something different.

Perhaps the springtime picnics we're planning are serving as inspiration, but right now, we see more and more checked dresses cropping up online and in our social feeds. From bright and bold to muted and micro, checks are a commonality all the best dresses seem to share. Influencers agree, too, as many are favouring dresses with blanket-style checks over traditional florals.

Don't worry—there's still a place for florals this season, but for those of you looking to switch up your looks, a checked dress might be the solution. Scroll below to see some of our favourite checked-dress ensembles, then shop the best checked dresses 2021 has to offer.


Emma opts for classic monochrome checks, which she pairs with canvas trainers. 

Francesca is just one of the many influencers who have snapped up this affordable Nobody's Child dress

Best Checked Dresses 2021: @heartzeena wears an orange check dress



Zeena doubles up on her check prints to seriously chic avail. 

Best Checked Dresses 2021: @hodanyousuf wears a blue check dress



This Ganni dress has been a best seller. In my opinion, no one has worn it better than Hodan. 

Best Checked Dresses 2021: @monikh wears a red and white check dress



Red and white gingham checks will always be on-trend, as evidenced by Monikh. 

Ellie's Sleeper checked dress is comfortable and chic in equal measure. 


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