I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the £30 and Under Zara Items I'd Buy Now


Allyson Payer

Truth be told, I sometimes get overwhelmed (relatively speaking) when I pop over to Zara's site for one piece to put in a story and discover that it has what seems like thousands of brand-new arrivals that I can't help but spend the next 20 minutes scrolling through. But shopping is my job, so I always power through (tough gig, I know) in search of all the hidden gems that are worth calling to our Zara-loving readers' attention.

At the moment many of the pieces that are catching my attention the most are all under £30. Among the current inventory, I found leather sandals that made my jaw drop, dozens of special dresses, expensive-looking accessories, and so much more. So before you fall into a Zara rabbit hole, scroll through this story to shop the best under-£30 Zara pieces I've found this month.