I'm a Fashion Editor—These Are the Under-£40 Pieces I'd Buy From Topshop

I've been a loyal Topshop fan since my early teens. So much so that it was my dream to land my first-ever job there. That dream was realised just days after my 16th birthday when I was hired there as a Christmas temp. Almost 14 years on, I'm still just as enamoured with its clothes and accessories as I was then. If not, I'm probably even more so.

Best Cheap Topshop Items: Lauren Campbell wears a Topshop skirt



Monikh wears a Topshop slip dress.

My career as a fashion editor has allowed me to keep close tabs on Topshop, and over the last couple of years, it's clear the brand has put considerable focus into designing premium-looking pieces with affordable price tags. This means you're buying less into faddy trend-driven things and more into items that actually last and keep you happy.

When scanning the new-in section, I'm constantly surprised at how many items come in under the £40 mark but look significantly more expensive. Too good not to share, I decided to whittle Topshop's best under-£40 buys for you, and as it turns out, what I've created is the perfect minimalistic-style capsule.

From knitted tank tops that'll look the summery part paired with linen trousers and sandals to simple dresses that can be worn day or night, keep scrolling to see my pick of the best affordable Topshop items.

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