These Are the Only Dresses You Need for Autumn, According to Celebs

Each autumn, you can count on a few key things: endless office chat about the cold weather, how Christmas has started too early, and, oh yeah, stocking up on all the dresses you'll need for the coming season. Which, we think you'll agree is the most important part of the weather getting colder. So, we're helping you figure out exactly the dresses you'll need, with a little help from a few super-chic celebs.

We know that sorting through everything that's out there can be tricky, so we're turning to a few of our favourite trendsetters for inspiration. We're taking stock of the seven dress styles they're wearing now, and we recommend you try them out too. The best part is that it's still early, so you'll have plenty of chances to wear them all the way through winter. Some, are great for daytime, while others are party-ready, so no matter what's on your calendar, you'll have just the dress.

Read on to see the dress styles you need this autumn, according to our favourite celebs.