The One Beauty Product I Swear Gives Everyone Glowing Skin

I’ll be honest: There are so many different types of beauty products around these days that it can be genuinely hard to keep up—and that’s coming from someone who used to be a beauty editor. So I can only imagine how confusing the constant stream of apparently miracle products can be to someone who just wants a decent set of skincare and makeup bits to make them feel their best.

I’m very much someone who doesn’t like to over complicate their beauty routine and I’m all about skincare before makeup. My theory? If you take care of your skin, then you won’t want to use as much makeup. Which is why the tinted moisturiser has been a constant in my makeup bag. Not only does it give my skin coverage for any blemishes, but it also makes it feel and look moisturised.

Best cc creams: Elinor block wearing cc cream



The problem is that there’s not just tinted moisturisers these days. There are BB creams and CC creams and even DD creams. Today, I’m going to tell you about CC creams, as I believe that they’re great for giving you glowing skin.

Firstly, the CC stands for colour correcting—which I hope gives some idea of what the product does. It is, you guessed it, colour correcting. In beauty terms, this means that any redness or sallowness in skin tone can be balanced out to give a more overall even skin tone. And, unlike its older sister, the BB cream (blemish balm), CC gives you a bit more coverage without being an actual foundation.

Finally, it often comes with added benefits such as an SPF. This product is my go-to instead of foundation and I always have one in my makeup bag. Keep scrolling to see my edit of the best available.

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