Candles Are My Weakness, and These Are the Ones I'm Buying for Autumn

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing quite as comforting as settling down on the sofa for the evening, the room lighted only by the glow of a candle. The best time of year to indulge in such an activity is autumn

While we cling to the last days of summer, autumn's arrival is imminent. The nights are slowly darkening, and there's an unmistakable chill in the air, which makes cosy nights in all the more appealing. Over the past few days, I've instinctively found myself perusing new candles to invest in for autumn, but with so many scent options out there, it's overwhelming to know where to start. And the last thing I want to do is spend my money on a candle that doesn't deliver in scent or burn time. So I sought advice from someone very much in the know: Jo Malone CBE

Best Candles for Autumn: @_jessicaskye burns an autumnal candle



Having launched her first brand, Jo Malone London, back in the '90s, Malone, who has been described as a British scent maverick, has since gone on to found another impressive fragrance-focused company, Jo Loves. Most recently, she's also been the nose behind Zara's perfume-and-candle collection. So who better to get the autumnal-scent lowdown from than the woman responsible for creating some of our favourite candles? 

“A candle can transport us to any time or place, giving a sensorial experience that allows us to remember things like a family holiday, celebration or a person we have met," explains Malone. "Autumn is a nice time to rethink the scents we burn at home, especially with the change in weather." But which scent will Malone be burning come autumn? 

"Personally, I like to opt for something a little deeper in scent, much like the Jo Loves Fig Trees candle," Malone continues. "It reminds me of my early morning dog walks around the Serpentine in London. Blue skies, imagination and a mezze of different tree colognes—total heaven. This autumn, I'll be burning this candle and enjoying it with a warming mug of hot chocolate."

It seems Jo Malone and I are kindred spirits. While we both tend to gravitate towards complex scents with fruity notes, such as fig, pomegranate and berries, there are countless other fragranced candle options to choose from for the season ahead. 

From cedarwood and sage to orange and leather, keep scrolling to see the best candles for autumn. 

Although this candle boasts floral notes of lavender and geranium, the spicy addition of frankincense base notes makes this candle an autumnal dream. 

Loewe's candles have had editors swooning ever since they came on the interiors scene. With scents featuring nature's purest scents, they're designed to help us reconnect with the outside world. My pick? Juniper Berry. 

Malin + Goetz has created many of my favourite scents, but its Leather collection is absolutely my favourite. 

While citrus scents are more commonly associated with summer, this candle is made autumn-appropriate thanks to its complex layers of smoke and wood. 

This was the first premium candle I treated myself to and the one I'll always come back to. 

If you still want to cling to the last days of summer but want to fill your home with warm autumnal notes, this Acqua di Parma candle is the ideal option, with its blend of freshly cut grass, sun-dried linen, moss, and natural woods. 

Chai isn't a fragrance you see a lot of in the candle world, which is precisely why this Byredo scent is so special. 

I don't know what's more beautiful—the coloured glass jar or the rich scent of this amber candle. 

The Scandinavian term "hygge" encompasses the feeling of finding cosiness and contentment in the smallest everyday moments. And that's exactly how I feel when I burn this subtly sweet candle. 

As soon as I smell this scent, I'm immediately transported back to my grandma's house, sitting on the thick-pile rug in front of her open fire. Bliss. 

While floral scents aren't my go-to, I adore this option from Boy Smells, in which rose is offset with earthy oak moss and smoke. 

I really rate H&M Home's range of candles for daily burning. In my opinion, this olive-and-sage scent rivals some of the most expensive candles I've tried thanks to its spicy base. 

This is the candle I currently have burning in my living room, and let me tell you, it fills the room with glorious chamomile and lavender fragrance. Restful indeed. 

With a Murano glass vessel and a fragrant ginger scent, this special Stories of Italy candle has made its way onto my birthday list. Correction: It's the only thing on my birthday list. 

While I'm yet to burn a candle from this brand, all I hear are good things. With the sensual scent of the iris flower, this candle is spicy and seductive. Consider the gorgeous casing a bonus. 

Our Lovely Goods is perhaps my favourite brand discovery of the last year. Not only are these candles hand-poured in my Scottish hometown, but they also boast incredible aromas. My favourite is The Old Library, which smells exactly as you'd want it to. 

If you prefer your candles to smell fresh as opposed to rich, Paia's pairing of eucalyptus and cedarwood is sure to appease. 

With notes of wood, lemon zest and gentle magnolia, I burnt it when a friend was over, and she couldn't believe I'd picked it up during my latest Zara haul. 

A potent blend of North Indian forest tree flowers and earthy woods, this candle from Brooklyn-based D.S. & Durga is as transportive as candles come. 

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