From £36 to £9000, These Fashion-Editor Approved Camel Coats Will Suit Everyone

The humble camel coat has long been considered something of a hero when it comes to outerwear—and for good reason. Chic, flattering, timeless and versatile, it has serious wardrobe staying power. That's the reason so many fashionable women rely on them—and why it's so important you pinpoint the camel coat that really works hard for you. This is when our guidance steps in.

Best Camel Coats: Lisa Aiken wearing a camel overcoat


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Lisa Aiken wears a camel coat over white jeans and add print and colour with accessories. Simple, yet so easy to recreate.

And we're not alone in championing the iconic coat. Year in and year out, the savviest street style stars continue to choose the classic coat in favour of other standout options, confirming that this universally adored item remains the ultimate investment piece. There are many brands that specialise in this particular breed of expensive-looking outerwear—Max Mara, for example, are known for their many iterations on the camel coat. Meanwhile, on the high street, we've noticed some labels are especially good at creating them on a smaller budget: & Other Stories has become a secret little go-to for us every time we're looking to replenish our outerwear selection.

Tine goes tonal with classic checks and match-matchy tan accessories. 

Lately, camel coats with asymmetric hemlines, oversized silhouettes and belts have caught our eye—because although a classic double-breasted crombie will always tick the boxes, sometimes it's good to experiment with different silhouettes to suit your personal style tastes. 

Hajra matches her camel coat to her jumper and it's basically the go-to combo for autumn, through to winter. 

Continue to shop our edit of the best camel coats to invest in already.

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Trenches and checks are key. Making this Warehouse number basically a two-for-one buy!

Mango's coats are some of the best on the high street.

Cashmere will make a high street style look more premium. 

You'll wear this year after year, for the rest of time. 

The faux fur buttons is the perfect example of attention to detail. 

The wool blend keeps the high street winner feeling (literally) luxe. 

If you prefer a cropped style, this belted beauty is for you. 

Each year M&S has a sell0out coat. This year, we predict it'll be this one. 

Pair white cream leather knee high boots for winter. 

Cosy, Chic and under £100 – win, win, win. 

Use a leather cleaner to keep it looking like new, year after year. 

Next, it's time to see the rest of the key autumn/winter19 trends. 

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