5 Burberry It Items the Cool Set Are Wearing

Since Riccardo Tisci's appointment as Burberry's creative director in 2018, it's safe to say that the British brand's following has expanded and diversified to a great extent. Now the chief creative officer, Italy-born Tisci has worked to reimagine the heritage house's aesthetic, combining both streetwear elements alongside more classical styles and blending them effortlessly to appeal to both a new and existing audience. It's a careful balancing act he previously honed at Givenchy, where he was one of the first designers to really open up an elite name to newer clientele who look for hype products—do you remember the sweatshirts? Tisci's fans buy into a brand not only because of its look but also because of what it stands for. He is, therefore, very modern in his approach, considering customers with different personal styles and different backgrounds with his finger firmly on the cultural pulse and ensuring that the company supports important social-good projects (such as the #DanceAndDonate TikTok project featuring Marcus Rashford). While these should be essential elements in any savvy business plan, ultimately, you need fantastic products to generate sales, loyalty and longevity—and there are options aplenty to fulfill our shopping desires. 

From the iconic trench coats that the designer still finds a way to reinvent each and every season through to a relaunched monogram and the latest It bag, you'll find the key Burberry items influencers are proud to be tagging on their accounts below. 


We called it last year—Burberry's Pocket Bag is the style to know about in 2021. This top-handle tote also features a crossbody strap and comes in multiple size and shape options and in various finishes. The canvas and leather combinations are most prevalent on my Instagram feed. 


best Burberry items: iconic trench coat



A Burberry trench coat will never, ever be a silly investment. They are a time-honoured classic that every wardrobe can benefit from—not only in a practical sense but also in a stylistic one. I know fashion experts who are always on the hunt for pre-loved styles (Eunice wears a vintage one here), but there are some super-new iterations to check out, too. The below style with denim panelling is very, very cool.


best Burberry items: TB monogram logo



One of Tisci's first headline moves for the brand back in 2018 was to relaunch the logo and monogram. The logo had been the same for 20 years until he commissioned revered graphic designer and art director Peter Saville to give it a new lease of life. The intertwined TB motif manages to be at once brand new and entirely nostalgic. Some women have been so enthralled that they've been known to wear it head-to-toe, as you'll find it on everything from silk foulards to tights (the latter have been particularly popular of late). There's even a surfboard rendered in the pattern, should you require it.


best Burberry items: tailoring suits, trousers and jackets



Naturally, Burberry is well known for its outerwear, but Tisci is a fantastic tailor, so it would be wrong to ignore the jackets and trousers on option. The trousers? Long and lean. The jackets? All about the waist pinch. They're future heirlooms if you ask me.


best Burberry items: vintage check pattern



It almost goes without saying, doesn't it? The iconic vintage-style Burberry check never dies! You'll find it in traditional colourways but also in some new and exciting combinations. It's used across almost everything the brand has under its roof—from sneakers to coats and back again.