These 26 Incredible Beauty Brands Just So Happen to Be British

When I used to think about British beauty brands, I thought of Yardley or Penhaligons—the kind of old-school brands that have been around for hundreds of years. But did you know that the British beauty scene is awash with some of the coolest brands out there? This year has been notably hard for the industry, with the pandemic meaning hairdressers and beauty salons have taken hits due to the lockdowns. Now more than ever, it's a great time to support home-grown businesses. Luckily for beauty lovers in the UK, there is much to choose from. After all, the UK is one of the leading homes for cosmetics, boasting globally sought-after names such as Charlotte Tilbury and Jo Malone.

There are plenty of other British-born independent brands that offer new and exciting experiences in luxury skincare, makeup, wellness, fragrances, and much more. Britain boasts cult skincare brands like Neighbourhood Botanicals, which designs clean-beauty products, right on our doorstep. Upcoming brand Liha skincare, which offers a collection of shea butter and soaps, is also made and produced in London. As we said, we're spoiled for choice. From luxury makeup and cosmetic line Kjaer Weis to cult haircare brand Bouclème, we've found 26 British beauty brands to celebrate before this year is through.


After Jo Malone sold her eponymous label, there was Jo Loves. It's just as iconic as her first brand and just as loved. 

With completely natural ingredients, this serum is a superfood but for your face. 

If you have any type of curly hair, then Bouclème is for you. Try any one of its specially formulated products and see the difference to your curls immediately. 

Gorgeous packaging for a gorgeous product. This candle is made with eco-friendly coconut wax with notes of lavender and hibiscus. 

From refillable candles to haircare, Sister & Co. is one beauty brand you don't want to sleep on. 

The brand that's steadily gaining a cult following thanks to its super-cool packaging and powerful serums that leave you with great skin. 

Haekels is all about showing people the value in using products from the ingredients of the sea. Seaweed is a big component of this brand's products (it has vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), and every one of the products is carefully packaged in gorgeous glass bottles.

If you're unacquainted with Pai, start with its award-winning oil. It gently dissolves makeup and dirt and leaves skin feeling clean. 

Affordable brand Inkey has become a real cult buy of late. 

If you haven't already discovered Neom, now's the time. The candles smell incredible and will make you feel immediately calm, something we all need in 2020. 

This product promises rich hydration while providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Need to look like you had eight hours of sleep? This concealer is for you. 

Every beauty editor I know loves this conditioner right now. 

With a 60-hour burn time and a scent of mist and lilac blossom, this is a super-decadent candle. Enjoy it in the bath with a glass of wine. 

Described as clean and zesty, this is great for anyone who loves a citrus scent. Laboratory Perfumes is a chic perfume brand you don't want to miss. 

This award-winning balm is great for getting rid of makeup and dirt. 

We're all in need of a decent hand and body lotion right now (thanks pandemic). We've found your new favourite. 

This wonder oil will hydrate your skin, reduce the signs of ageing and scars, and boost your collagen to give you incredible-looking skin. 

Toxin-free nail varnish that comes in super-chic colourways. 

Relax with this luxurious bath oil. 

Intense moisture for curls in three steps. 

A high-strength vitamin C serum that helps with pigmentation and sun damage.

This duo with help boost microcirculation to give your skin a radiant glow. 

A three-step lipcare routine that will leave you with soft lips and a great base for lipstick. 

Suitable for all skin types, this duo gets rid of all traces of makeup and dirt and leaves you with great-looking skin. 

If you haven't tried Mio, then it's time. Be prepared to discover your softest skin ever. 

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