I Live in Blazers, So You Know I'm Buying Into This New Trend

Blazers—what's not to like? Working in fashion, there's a common misconception that everyone teeters around in Manolo Blahniks and Prada dresses all day long, which isn't the case. Of course, I do like to play dress-up now and then, but jeans are just as welcome in many fashion offices as dresses tend to be. I'd some come to rely on blazers to help smarten up my denim, and the rest, they say, is history.

Fast-forward almost a decade, and I have quite the impressive blazer collection, which covers everything from classic black and nautical to leopard print and checks. However, one blazer I don't currently own just so happens to be one of the top trends of spring.

Bright blazers are having a real moment, on both the streets of fashion month and on my Instagram feed. From lilac and mint to fuchsia and tangerine, no hue has been exempt. Probably the easiest way to breathe a new lease of life into your daily wares, it's easy to see they're appeal. So much so that I set about adding one to my blazer archives.

I tend to shy away from vivid hues, so I'll be making my bright blazer homage by way of powdery purple or lemon. However, if you like your colours punchy and bold, there are plenty of options to suit you, too.
Keep scrolling to see how those in the know are wearing theirs, and then proceed to shop my edit of the best bright blazers.

Best Bright Blazers: Jessica Skye


Jessica Skye

Jess pairs her gorgeous (but now soldout) lilac Arket blazer with timeless black trousers. 

Best Bright Blazers: Maria Bernad


Maria Bernad

Maria's green blazer looks even better against the pink hue of her table. 

Best Bright Blazers: Nnenna Echem


Nnenna Echem

A pink blazer will give any monochrome ensemble a new lease of life. 

Double-breasted blazers always look chic—even in canary yellow. 

Best Bright Blazers: Ada Oguntodu


Ada Oguntodu

Ada creates a flawless new colour combination—mint and mustard—with this springtime look. 

Invest in your bright blazer a size up and wear over pretty floral motifs for a cool juxtaposition. 

Make like Emili and match the shade of your blazer to that of your sandals. 


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