Bridesmaids Who Hate Dresses Will Love These Jumpsuits Instead

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" has generally been the motto when it comes to weddings over the last century: The same words recited and the same traditions passed down through the generations. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with sticking to age-old motifs, in recent years there has been a new wave of couples who have thrown out the rule book in favour of more personalised practices, whether it's wearing a coloured bridal gown or writing their own vows.

Bridesmaid style is another thing that has seen a shake-up. While there are plenty of brides who still enjoy the uniformity of matching outfits, many are forgoing this tradition in favour of more individual looks. For example,  mismatched styles are proving a popular approach right now; however, we've particularly fallen for the contemporary elegance of bridesmaid jumpsuits. 

Perfect for friends who don't feel so comfortable in a dress—or brides who want their attendents in something more unusual—a jumpsuit is the ultimate in grown-up elegance. Flattering, comfortable and dance floor–ready, there are so many styles at a range of price points to choose from. Highlights include Ghost's buttoned-up pieces, Mango's stylish halterneck detailing, and Galvin's luxury silken appeal. Scroll down to see and shop the edit. 

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