This Is How to Find the #1 Bralette for Big Boobs

While large busts are certainly a blessing in many ways, they can present certain “problems” when it comes to wearing particular fashion trends—namely those that require a compromise of any kind of up-top support. Which is why many of us amply bosomed fashion girls have likely spent the past few months admiring the pretty bralette trend from afar, presuming that the delicate lace and soft cotton cups just aren’t for us. Well, ladies, I’ve got some exciting news for you: The perfect DD+ bralette does exist, and we’ve got the inside track on how to find the one that’ll work for you.

Experts in all things lingerie, specialises in pairing women with the perfect fit, which means the team has just the knowledge we’ve been looking for. To make doubly sure we’ve covered all bases, however, we’ve also hit up the big bra experts at Bravissimo, who specialise in all things D+. o how do you find the perfect bralette for bigger busts? Keep scrolling for the four key things you need to look for, plus our pick of the best bralettes for big boobs.

Best bralettes for bigger busts: Emily Ratajkowski


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1. Go for the double lining

Because bralettes are typically sans-wires, support will always be the key issue if you’re anything over a C cup. To get around this, however, the experts at Bravissimo suggest looking for styles that have a double-lined or lightly padded cup. You’ll get the same look and feel as a whimsical bralette but with added structure and a little more support.

2. Look for wider straps

Thin straps may look dainty, but when you’re skimping on the structure of a wired bra, the straps become your main source of support—which can lead to painful digging if they’re not up to the task. “Look out for wide straps or built-up apexes to allow for even distribution of the weight of your bust,” advises Lucy Ensum, garment technician at Figleaves. “This will not only be supportive but also maximise comfort.”

3. Consider full-coverage options

The skimpier the bralette, the less coverage you’ll get. So Lucy suggests looking for these small details to ensure your bralette won’t let you down: “If you’re shopping for a DD+ bralette, always try to find a style with reasonably full coverage, and where the cups either have darts or seams in them, as well as a deep underarm—like the Figleaves Millie Bralette. This added structure will mean the bralette will offer better support, prevent the bust from spilling out and also help to give a nicer profile and shape.”

4. Try longline styles

Longline bralettes are always more likely to stay in place, which is key if you find that soft cups tend to move around a little too freely to keep you secure. “Bralettes with a deep under band that runs all the way around the body are great for DD+ sizes,” confirms Lucy. “It makes them super comfy whilst also being supportive.” Lots of brands now also make beautiful longline bras that have a little hidden underwiring to cheat good shape and support, while still giving the look of a delicate bralette.

The Figleaves favourite for bigger busts, the Millie Lace Bralette ticks all boxes and goes up to a F cup.

With some gentle wiring and a deep waistband for added support, this is a great option if you don’t want to compromise looking for thinner straps.

If you like sporty styles, try this lightly padded Calvin Klein bralette with a cool racerback.

Bravissimo’s top pick, this double-lined bralette is great for comfort.

The low position of the wires in this front-fastening bralette means you’ll hardly even notice they’re there.

The convertible straps on this pretty bralette mean you can change them up to fit with any outfit.

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